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Posts tagged with ‘Radicalisation’

  • Nov212022

    Extremist Action in Digital Gaming Spaces: The Role of Identity Fusion

    Radicalisation, Extremism, and Digital Games Over the last few years, the topics of extremism and radicalisation have reached the forefront…

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  • Nov162022

    Hitting Rock Bottom: The Radicalising Potential of Celebrity Culture 

    In less than a month, Kanye West went from being one of the world’s most famous musicians and designers to…

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  • Oct242022

    Extreme Right Radicalisation of Children via Online Gaming Platforms

    The world is experiencing a new wave of far-right terrorism. There are concerning developments. First, the use of online gaming…

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  • Sep052022

    Can Serious Games Make a Difference in P/CVE?

    Video games and gamification have become key tools of extremist actors’ recruitment arsenal and have taken a central role in…

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  • Aug032022

    Mass Shooterism and the Need for Online Interventions and Bystander Resources

    This Insight was originally posted on Moonshot’s blog. For more information on Moonshot’s digital interventions, please visit their website or get…

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  • Jul012022

    The Buffalo Attack – Insights From the Suspected Terrorist’s Diary

    The ‘diary’ of Payton Gendron, who carried out the Buffalo attack on May 14 2022 killing ten and wounding three,…

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  • Mar092022

    Understanding the Game: Bridging Research Gaps at the Nexus of Gaming and Extremism

    Preventing and countering violent extremism practitioners are increasingly concerned about pathways to radicalisation, including those leading to violent extremism, present…

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  • Jan202022

    Exploring Extreme Language in Gaming Communities

    There is ongoing speculation that extremism might be prevalent in video game communities, or that these communities are especially vulnerable…

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  • Dec202021

    Online Radicalisation: Moving Beyond a Simple Dichotomy

    There has been considerable concern about the threat of online radicalisation from policymakers, the media, and academics. This is unsurprising…

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  • Dec142021

    The Role of the Internet in the Radicalisation of Extreme-Right Lone Actors

    Explaining Online Radicalisation With the rise of the Internet, there has been growing interest in its impact on radicalisation and…

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