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Author archive for Jordan Chapman

  • Nov032023

    Behind the Instagram Posts: The Role of Female Influencers on the Far-Right

    Within the study of terrorism and extremism, women remain an overlooked subject group, especially when considering women as perpetrators or…

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  • Feb092023

    Preventing Extremism through Storytelling and Gaming

    On 2 February 2023, GNET and the Extremism and Gaming Research Network (EGRN) hosted a webinar on ‘Preventing Extremism through…

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  • Dec072022

    Influential Moms: Examining Extremist Influencer Mothers

    This Insight is part of GNET’s Gender and Online Violent Extremism series in partnership with Monash Gender, Peace and Security Centre. This series…

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  • Nov162022

    Hitting Rock Bottom: The Radicalising Potential of Celebrity Culture 

    In less than a month, Kanye West went from being one of the world’s most famous musicians and designers to…

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