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Extremism and Gaming Network


Extremism and Gaming Network

  • Oct192022

    Playing Against Radicalisation: Why Extremists are Gaming and How P/CVE Can Leverage the Positive Effects of Video Games to Prevent Radicalisation

    The potential nexus between gaming and extremism is an increasingly important concern for researchers, tech companies, policymakers, and practitioners working…

  • Sep052022

    Can Serious Games Make a Difference in P/CVE?

    Video games and gamification have become key tools of extremist actors’ recruitment arsenal and have taken a central role in…

  • Jun102022

    The Gamification of Violent Extremism: An Empirical Exploration of the Christchurch Attack

    This Insight is based on research conducted by the author and Susann Wiedlitzka, the results of which are extensively discussed…

  • Mar092022

    Understanding the Game: Bridging Research Gaps at the Nexus of Gaming and Extremism

    Preventing and countering violent extremism practitioners are increasingly concerned about pathways to radicalisation, including those leading to violent extremism, present…