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  • May242022

    Rise of the Newest Alt-Tech Platform: Substack

    In a recent interview with The New York Times, Substack CEO Chris Best described the…

  • May232022

    Examining Incel Subculture on Reddit

    The online presence of incels, or involuntary celibates, has been an increasing security concern for…

  • May172022

    Deflection and Denial Following the Buffalo Terror Attack

    On Saturday, 14 May 2022, 18-year-old Payton Gendron drove to a supermarket in Buffalo, NY,…

  • May172022

    Why do Online Countering Violent Extremism Strategies Not Work? The Case of Digital Jihad

    Islamic State’s (IS) propaganda campaign in 2014-2015 marked a turning point in the history of…

  • May092022

    Differentiating Online Posting Behaviours of Violent and Non-Violent Right-Wing Extremists

    There is an ongoing need for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to detect and assess online…

  • May052022

    How to Erode Terrorists’ Trust in Cyberspace: The Role of Intelligence Services

    One of the most crucial missions entrusted to intelligence services in the fight against jihadist…

  • May032022

    Videogames, Twitter and Far-Right Extremism: An Analysis of Twitter Hashtag Networks

    Many social network theories emphasise the importance of network properties. Strong networks with many interlocking…

  • Apr252022

    ‘Gender Ideology’ and the Intersectional Politics of the Far-Right in Latin America

    Intersectionality denotes an entire and complex subfield within the social sciences. A connecting thread across…

  • Apr212022

    The Protocols of Antisemitism: Cross Ideological Fixation on “Jewish power”

    “They let James Foley die, they let him die and they didn’t release her but…

  • Apr142022

    How the European Far Right is Using Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine to Radicalise its Audience

    Current events provide key opportunities for right-wing extremist (RWE) groups to attract new members and…

  • Apr122022

    The Taliban’s Trajectory in Securing Geographic, Electronic, and Geopolitical Sanctuaries

    Though long hostile to social media, the Taliban regime readily embraced the haven on the…

  • Apr072022

    Zelenskyy, ‘Denazification’ and the Redirection of Holocaust Victimhood

    As with many global crises, the online far-right is attempting to frame Russia’s invasion of…

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