• May282020

    The Coronavirus Isn’t Immune From the Far-Right

    Far-right extremists online leap from one topic to another, trolling, distorting, and amplifying everything from…

  • May262020

    The Internet and Lone Wolf Terrorism in India

    The term “lone wolf” attacks may lead some to assume such endeavours to be a…

  • May212020

    How the Far-Right Uses Memes in Online Warfare

    With the advent of Web 2.0, memes have become a popular means of communication. Primarily…

  • May182020

    Call to Arms: Social Media and Far-Right Narratives of COVID-19

    Whilst most of us isolating due to COVID-19 trawl social media for factual information, updated…

  • May142020

    Early Warning? Opportunities And Limits Of Automated Internet Monitoring

    Policymakers have invested considerable effort and research funding to understand the role of the Internet…

  • May132020

    Extremist Responses to COVID-19 in Latin America

    Expansion of the COVID-19 pandemic has been leveraged by armed non-state actors in numerous ways.…

  • May112020

    Weighing the Value and Risks of Deplatforming

    Last month, the video platform TikTok banned far-right extremists Britain First and Tommy Robinson, the…

  • May072020

    The Gift of the Gab: The Utilisation of COVID-19 for Neo-Nazi Recruitment

    Following the confiscation of the domain of the right-wing forum Fascist Forge, neo-Nazi recruiters have…

  • May062020

    Remembering Toronto: Two Years Later, Incel Terrorism Threat Lingers

    Two years after Alek Minassian’s homicidal vehicular rampage through Toronto, the deadliest incel terrorist attack…

  • May042020

    The Risks of a Telegram Crypto-Wallet

    Last month, a federal judge in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of…

  • May012020

    Shooting for 1080p Full HD – Assessing Islamic State’s Cameras

    In the past, particularly between 2014 and 2017, Islamic State’s (IS) video propaganda has been…

  • Apr292020


    The line between protest and terrorism is clear, but can become complicated when one digs…

Extremists & Coronavirus