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  • Mar052021

    Turning the Tap Off: The Impacts of Social Media Shutdown After Sri Lanka’s Easter Attacks

    This blog post is a summary of key findings from research published by the International Centre…

  • Mar032021

    Selfie and Siege: Women’s Social Media Footprint and the US Capitol Hill Siege

    As of 25 February 2021, over 250 federal cases have been brought against individuals for…

  • Mar012021

    Playing for Hate?

    The video game industry is the largest and fastest growing popular culture industry in the…

  • Feb242021

    The Social Media Anatomy of New Radical Groups in Kashmir

    In December 2020, a new militant group called the “United Liberation Front (ULF)” operating in…

  • Feb222021

    Turning Back to Biologised Racism: A Content Analysis of Patriotic Alternative UK’s Online Discourse

    The UK far-right has experienced a marked transition in the past decade from parliamentary to…

  • Feb192021

    Online Extremism and Terrorism Researcher Security and Privacy: Some Practical Advice

    Fortunately for Western scholars, as pointed out by Berger, “o date, jihadist extremists have not…

  • Feb172021

    Odysee: The New YouTube for the Far-Right

    The emergence of the newest platform favoured by far-right actors has received surprisingly little attention…

  • Feb152021

    Infrastructure, Sabotage, and Accelerationism

    In my previous GNET Insight, I focused on the ideological collision between anti-5G, the coronavirus,…

  • Feb122021

    Who are the Jihadi Video Journalists? An Analysis of a new Form of Activism in the Northwest of Syria

    This Insight aims to depict the work of Idlib-based Western Islamist ‘backpack reporters’ who have specialised…

  • Feb102021

    China and the Australian Far-Right

    Since the start of the pandemic, China and the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have…

  • Feb082021

    Understanding Canada’s Recent Ban of Far-Right Extremist Groups

    On 3 February, the Canadian government added four far-right extremist groups to their list of…

  • Feb052021

    Assessing Attempts at Removing German Far-Right Conspiracy Content in the Aftermath of Trump’s Presidency

    2020 has been the year in which Germany achieved infamous standing as the country with…

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