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  • Jul152024

    All the World’s a Stage: How Predictive Programming Crafts Far-Right X Users’ Worldview

    Introduction This Insight investigates how far-right X users construct their worldview around fictional media and…

  • Jul112024

    Methodologies in Manipulation: The Far-Right’s Antisemitic Discourse Online Amid the Israel-Hamas War

    Introduction Israel’s war on Hamas has been making headlines worldwide since it began on 7…

  • Jul092024

    The Hate Ministries: Far-Right Social Media Extremism in Argentina and Brazil

    Introduction In recent years in Argentina and Brazil, far-right governments have risen to power, represented…

  • Jul042024

    The Digital Weaponry of Radicalisation: AI and the Recruitment Nexus

    Introduction  Islamic State (IS) recently released a powerful recruitment message for ‘distracted Muslim youth’ to…

  • Jul012024

    Beyond Hitler and Mussolini: TikTok and the Adoration of Minor Fascist Ideologues

    Introduction The spread of extreme right-wing propaganda on TikTok is a familiar problem. Admiration for…

  • Jun272024

    ISKP’s Latest Campaign: Expanded Propaganda and External Operations

    Introduction The Islamic State Khurasan Province’s (ISKP) capabilities and intent to carry out attacks outside…

  • Jun242024

    “Substitution”: Extremists’ New Form of Implicit Hate Speech to Avoid Detection

    Content Warning: This insight contains antisemitic, racist, and hateful imagery. Introduction Extremists exploit social media…

  • Jun202024

    On the Road to Quds: How the Axis of Resistance Defines Geopolitical Battlegrounds in Favour of Authoritarianism

    Introduction ‘Shia civilization awakened’, a Russian ideologue proclaimed on his Telegram channel in early 2024,…

  • Jun172024

    Friend of the Locals, Enemy of the State: The Social Media Presence of Comando Vermelho

    *Disclaimer: To uphold transparency about the posts reflected in this Insight, some posts and accounts…

  • Jun122024

    Swatting: A Fictitious Threat Generating Real-World Hazards

    Introduction  Swatting is named after the ‘Special Weapons and Tactics’ groups of law enforcement officials…

  • Jun102024

    Gaming the System: The Use of Gaming-Adjacent Communication, Game and Mod Platforms by Extremist Actors

    Introduction Since the live-streamed racist and antisemitic attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand, and Halle, Germany,…

  • Jun052024

    More than Sports: Building Resilience against Extremism in Esports

    Eliot J. Oreskovic is an Executive Co-Director of the United States Esports Association, which is…