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  • May312023

    Accelerationism Meets Gamification: A Look at the Convergence in the Framing of Online Narratives

    Petra Regeni is a member of the Extremism and Gaming Research Network (EGRN). EGRN brings together world-leading…

  • May232023

    Online Incitement and Small-Scale Terrorism: Violent Rhetoric from the Freedom Movement on Facebook

    Introduction Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) Director-General Mike Burgess recently warned that the next terrorist…

  • May222023

    The State of Play: Islamic State Khorasan Province’s Anti-India Propaganda Efforts

    Introduction The Islamic State in Khorasan province (ISKP), operating in Afghanistan and Pakistan, has emerged…

  • May192023

    Co-opting Cottagecore: Pastoral Aesthetics in Reactionary and Extremist Movements

    A young woman wearing a modest gingham dress sits in an apple orchard reading a…

  • May182023

    My Wish to be a #Tradwife: An Introduction to #tradwife Memes on Whisper

    Introduction Research into online extremist behaviour is centred around Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, 4chan, Telegram, and…

  • May172023

    Inside the Cult of Stefan Molyneux: A Historical Exploration of Far-Right Radicalisation on YouTube

    Introduction On June 29, 2020, YouTube removed 25,000 channels, including several prominent white supremacist figures…

  • May162023

    The Allen, Texas Mass Shooting: An Examination of Misogyny, Anti-Asian Racism, and Internalised Racism

    Introduction Following the mass shooting in Allen, Texas on 6 May, rumours quickly began circulating…

  • May122023

    Analysing Harmful and Supremacist Narratives on Gab Homeschooling Groups

    Introduction In January 2023, VICE news reported on a Telegram channel dedicated to sharing white…

  • May102023

    The Revitalisation of Christian Identity Content on YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok 

    Introduction The last five years have witnessed the revitalisation of the Christian Identity (CI) movement…

  • May092023

    Christgram: White Christian Extremism on Telegram

    This Insight focuses on white Christian extremist communities on Telegram, which have been growing in…

  • May032023

    The Internet Consortium for Online Safety: How Collaborative Tech, Not Legislation, Could Prevent Harmful Content Proliferation

    Introduction Countering violent extremism (CVE) in a digital context sees practitioners grappling with the enterprise…

  • May012023

    Ari’s Mission: Educating Young Audiences on Conspiracy Theories Through Fictional Narratives

    Introduction Narrative campaigns against extremism and conspiracy theories are popular and widely used tools to…