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  • Oct302020

    Rethinking Bioterrorism Post COVID-19

    COVID-19 has demonstrated the need for greater strategic and operational integration between public health and…

  • Oct292020

    What’s in a Meme? The Rise of “Saint Kyle”

    The media has been captured the past two weeks with the news of the FBI…

  • Oct282020

    Examining the Developmental Pathways of Online Posting Behaviour in Violent Right-Wing Extremist Forums

    Researchers, practitioners, and policymakers have paid close attention to the presence of terrorists and extremists…

  • Oct272020

    Digital Dunes and Shrublands: A Comparative Introduction to the Sahelian Jihadi Propaganda Ecosystem

    The Sahel comprises some of the world’s poorest countries. Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger are…

  • Oct262020

    LOL Extremism: Humour in Online Extremist Content

    Humour is a staple of life found in in-person interactions and in virtual environments. Many…

  • Oct222020

    Hindutva Vigilantism: Online Hate, Offline Harms

    India is witnessing a steep rise in ethno-religious majoritarianism, and social media is playing a…

  • Oct212020

    Revisiting the Ecosystem of Islamic State’s ‘Virtual Caliphate’

    The current ‘post-caliphate’ era of Islamic State (IS) has been widely discussed in recent years,…

  • Oct192020

    French Jihadism on the Internet: A Quantitative Overview

    France has been one of the most-targeted Western countries by jihadist organisations in the past…

  • Oct162020

    Jihadi Media and Online Secrecy as Doctrinal Values

    The significant role of jihadists stationed in online battlefields was reflected as early as 2006…

  • Oct142020

    Online White Supremacy: Looking for a Place to Spread Hate in the Age of Multiple Communication Platforms

    Introduction A study by the Anti-Defamation League, which was published in early 2020, has found…

  • Oct122020

    Macron’s Plan for Fighting Islamist Radicalisation – Offline

    On 2 October French president Macron presented a 5-point plan to address Islamist radicalisation. It…

  • Oct092020

    Lessons for 2020 from the Islamic State Online Fanclub

    In 2015 one of the key problems for social media platforms was the rise of…

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