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  • Apr132021

    Communication, Military and Medical Technologies: Assets to Protect Against the Designs of Violent Extremists

    Despite the archaic dogmas and obscurantist thinking underlying it, violent extremism has shown a great…

  • Apr092021

    IS Perception of Far-Right and Far-Left Political Movements in the West

    This note depicts core elements of the jihadi thoughts on the political polarisation of western…

  • Apr082021

    Online Behaviours – Real World Harms

    In the 20 years since the terrorist events of 11 September 2001, ever-evolving political, social…

  • Apr062021

    Male Supremacism, Borderline Content, and Gaps in Existing Moderation Efforts

    Leaders of Google, Facebook and Twitter testified once again in front of the US House…

  • Apr012021

    The Role of the Chans in the Far-Right Online Ecosystem

    At 08:28 (NZDT) on 15 March 2019, a post was made to 8chan’s /pol board…

  • Mar312021

    How QAnon Reacts to Failed Predictions

    The QAnon movement is no stranger to failed predictions. Despite making numerous predictions about everything…

  • Mar302021

    Alternative Platforms and Alternative Recommendation Systems: A Case of the Australian Sovereign Citizen Movement on Telegram

    The sovereign citizen movement is a collection of individuals and groups who reject the legitimacy…

  • Mar292021

    Let’s Play Prevention: Can P/CVE Turn the Tables on Extremists’ Use of Gamification?

    In the wake of the attacks in Christchurch, El Paso and Halle, the so-called ‘gamification…

  • Mar262021

    Radicalisation and Recruitment Online in Times of COVID-19: The Pandemic as a Propaganda Opportunity

    The jihadist doctrine is an ideological corpus built up by extremist theorists to give their…

  • Mar252021

    Hyper-Reality, Identity and Mediatisation – A Sociological Reflection on the Pro-Islamic State Online Community

    During the opening months of 2021 several pro-Islamic State unofficial media outlets have produced and…

  • Mar242021

    Venture Capitalism, Extremism and Accountability

    Attempts to limit the dissemination of extreme digital speech have taken many forms as seen…

  • Mar242021

    Two Years On: Understanding the Resonance of the Christchurch Attack on Imageboard Sites

    15 March 2021 marked two years since the Christchurch terrorist attack in New Zealand, where…

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