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  • Oct012020

    Online Subcultures and the Challenges of Moderation

    Introduction To those who grew up on the Internet, chan culture is nothing new –…

  • Sep292020

    Exposing Terror, Building Resilience: Harnessing Citizen Journalists and Social Media to Confront Terrorism

    “I can’t report”; “I don’t trust the security forces to report”; “I have reported before,…

  • Sep252020

    Geographically Contextualising Right-Wing Extremism for Tech Platforms: A Perspective From India

    A rise in right-wing extremism in the United States has forced the FBI to call…

  • Sep242020

    Increased Visibility of Far-Right Movements in Australia During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Australia, once touted as a model for a considered and sustainable approach to COVID-19 is…

  • Sep222020

    Diaries of Female Jihadists Imprisoned in Al-Hol Camp: An Analysis

    Al-Hol Camp is located in Northern Syria, and shelters close to 70,000 people; mostly women…

  • Sep212020

    Part 2: Algorithmic Agency in Online Extremism: The Bigger Picture

    The rapid pace of technological evolution and tactics of adversarial attacks confer epistemic authority to…

  • Sep182020

    Striking Similarities Between Islamist Terrorism and Violent Right-Wing Extremism

    In his book Identity: Contemporary Identity Politics and the Struggle for Recognition (2018), Francis Fukuyama…

  • Sep172020

    No Child’s Play: The Identitarian Movement’s ‘Patriotic’ Video Game

    On 15 September, the German-speaking branch of the Identitarian Movement (Identitäre Bewegung; IB) released its…

  • Sep152020

    Part 1: Algorithmic Deconstruction in the Context of Online Extremism

    Threats to cyberspace typically arise from intentional agents as well as systemic threats that emanate…

  • Sep142020

    An Insider Perspective: What the Internet Means to UK Jihadists

    September 2016, just hours before I was due to interview the radical Islamist leader Anjem…

  • Sep112020

    Hate Speech in the Context of Mass Atrocity Crimes

    The May 2020 arrest of Félicien Kabuga brought an end to a manhunt spanning 26…

  • Sep102020

    Digital Resiliency and OPSEC Strategies Amongst Clandestine Networks

    In June 2020, I detailed some of the operational and digital security (OPSEC) practices of…

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