• Jul022020

    Banning Nazis or “Burning Books”? How Big Tech is Responding to Hate Speech, and the Implications

    This week, YouTube took the decision to kick a number of influential far-right accounts off…

  • Jun302020

    Islamic State Telegram Stickers: Purposes, Themes, and Narratives

    The dynamic encompassing nature of Islamic State propaganda includes a wide array of messaging ranging…

  • Jun292020

    #NiemalsaufKnien: How the Identitarian Movement in Germany Reacted to the Black Lives Matter Protests

    The death of Afro-American George Floyd at the hands of white police officers on 25…

  • Jun252020

    Jihadist “Special Forces”: Training Camp Videos as an Intelligence Source

    In April 2015, the jihadist terror group Islamic State (IS) released a five-minute propaganda video…

  • Jun232020

    A New Wave of Right-Wing Terrorism

    Right-wing terrorism is a growing threat for democratic societies globally. With rising numbers in death…

  • Jun222020

    The YouTube Browsing Habits of a Lone-Actor Terrorist

    On 10 October 2019, Safiyya Amira Shaikh was arrested in London for planning a terrorist…

  • Jun192020

    Jihadist Reactions to the U.S. Protests

    Jihadist reactions to the U.S. protests that have arisen as part of the Black Lives…

  • Jun172020

    Between Creativity, Innovation and Terrorism Studies Part I

    Interest in creativity and innovation stems from a common assumption that these are positive forces,…

  • Jun152020

    Assessing the Threat of QAnon Violence

    Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate was the theatre of an unusual scene on Saturday, 23 May 2020.…

  • Jun112020

    “Help for Sisters”: A Look at Crowdfunding Campaigns with Potential Links to Terrorist and Criminal Networks

    Terrorist and violent extremist groups have long used charitable giving as a means to amass…

  • Jun102020

    Social Media as a Mirror of External Circumstances: Insights Into a Radical Group

    Radicalisation processes take place in a field of tension between the actor and the outside…

  • Jun082020

    Digital Platforms and Extremism 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Increasingly the “boogaloo” movement has been making the news with its capacity to mobilise protestors…

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