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  • Jun172021

    Affirmations of Support and Rituals of Jihadi Martyrdoms

    When a big named jihadi leader dies, there is usually a cacophony of statements released…

  • Jun162021

    Stopping Terrorist Violence, One Cellphone Shutdown at a Time

    In 2008, terrorists were involved in carrying out deadly attacks in Mumbai which killed 172…

  • Jun142021

    The Darker Side of Social: QAnon Instagram Comments Before the Capitol Riots

    In the days and weeks following the US Capitol riots of 6 January 2021, journalists…

  • Jun142021

    QAnon and the Great Awakening: How the Deep Web Rewrites Ideologies and Beliefs

    Web 2.0 technologies paved the way for the interactive web, opening a virtual topography easily…

  • Jun112021

    Crime, Cryptocurrency, and El Salvador’s Big Bet on Bitcoin

    This week, El Salvador made headlines as the first country to adopt bitcoin as a…

  • Jun102021

    Gab’s Gift to the Far-Right

    As major social-networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have increased their efforts at moderation…

  • Jun092021

    A Proprietary Solution to GIFCT’s Consolidated List Problem

    In 2017, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Microsoft formed the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism…

  • Jun072021

    The Role of Conspiratorial Narratives in the Violent Radicalisation of Right-Wing Lone Actors

    Conspiracy theories have been talked about a lot recently as a key ingredient in the…

  • Jun022021

    Tracking Violent Extremism Online and the Challenge of Open-Source Intelligence

    Understanding online behaviours of extremist groups requires observation, analysis and often dissemination. Academic researchers, government…

  • Jun012021

    Choosing Offline: Why India’s ‘Other’ Insurgencies Have not Gone Digital

    While majority of the debates in and around online extremism and radicalisation in India over…

  • May282021

    The Boogaloo Movement, Coded Communication and the Need for Context-Based Moderation

    From the political fringes to the front pages, the Boogaloo Boys were thrust into the…

  • May252021

    Mapping the Turkestan Islamic Party’s Online Propaganda Networks

    The Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP) is considered the most prominent Salafi-jihadist terrorist organisation that originates…

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