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  • Jan202022

    Exploring Extreme Language in Gaming Communities

    There is ongoing speculation that extremism might be prevalent in video game communities, or that…

  • Jan182022

    Tracing Extremist Platform Migration on the Darkweb: Lessons for Deplatforming

    There is much debate surrounding the efficacy of ‘deplatforming’ extremist communities online, particularly related to…

  • Jan122022

    Incels and Securitisation: Between Fantasy and Reality

    The horrific shooting in Plymouth by Jake Davison in August 2021 has led to an…

  • Jan102022

    Youth-on-Youth Extreme-Right Recruitment on Mainstream Social Media Platforms

    In recent months there has been a concerning number of kids and teenagers arrested for…

  • Jan062022

    QAnon and Beyond: Analysing QAnon Trends a Year After January 6th

    For some, the electoral loss of Donald Trump and the disappearance of the figure known…

  • Jan032022

    Examining the Denver Shooter’s Ideological Views

    On 27 December 2021, Lyndon McLeod shot and killed five individuals in Denver, Colorado before…

  • Dec202021

    Online Radicalisation: Moving Beyond a Simple Dichotomy

    There has been considerable concern about the threat of online radicalisation from policymakers, the media,…

  • Dec162021

    Towards a Truly Post-Organisational UK Far Right? The Usefulness of a Newly Emergent Concept

    Despite recent hype around a post-organisational phase in extremist movements, the notion of a decentralised,…

  • Dec142021

    The Role of the Internet in the Radicalisation of Extreme-Right Lone Actors

    Explaining Online Radicalisation With the rise of the Internet, there has been growing interest in…

  • Dec072021

    Webmasters of Hate: Right-Wing Extremists Are Getting Smarter Online

    As a researcher who studies the far-right, I spend a lot of time tracking extremists…

  • Nov302021

    Understanding the Internet Propaganda Campaign of the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham-Affiliated Ebaa News Agency

    Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), al-Qaeda’s former affiliate, constitutes one of the most prominent violent extremist…

  • Nov262021

    Censoring Extremism: Impact of Takedowns on Islamic State Visuals

    Non-state extremist groups like Islamic State (IS) and al-Qaeda utilise various online channels to disseminate…

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