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  • Aug042021

    Current Priorities in Counterterrorism and Prevention: Results of the CENS Online Expert Survey

    The Centre of Excellence for National Security (CENS) in Singapore designed a survey to assess…

  • Aug022021

    How Will Violent Extremists Use Technology in the Future?

    In thinking through how terrorists and violent extremists will continue to evolve in the future,…

  • Jul302021

    Safety vs Security: An Asymmetrical Opportunity for RWE in Australia

    In 1922 German political theorist Carl Schmitt wrote a seminal essay arguing that sovereignty is…

  • Jul292021

    The Race War May No Longer Be Digitised: James Mason’s Designation as a Terrorist Entity in Canada

    Almost two decades into the War on Terror era, hundreds of designated terrorist entities operate…

  • Jul282021

    QAnon is not Dead: New Research into Telegram Shows the Movement is Alive and Well

    Following the role that QAnon adherents, and other actors, played in the insurrection on 6…

  • Jul262021

    When Counter-Speech Backfires: The Pitfalls of Strategic Online Interaction

    For a long time, hatred and incitement on social media have been treated as a…

  • Jul212021

    Schrems II and the Future of 3rd Party Security Service Access to Data From the UK

    Happy Birthday Schrems II, but hold back the cake. As the EU’s judgment in Data…

  • Jul192021

    Technology and Terrorist Financing

    Terrorists are increasingly exploiting technology to finance their activities. However, terrorist adoption of technology is an evolution,…

  • Jul142021

    Right-Wing Extremism Has Deep Roots in Southeast Asia

    The far right or right-wing extremism as an ideologically motivated violent extremism (IMVE) is the…

  • Jul122021

    Competing, Connecting, Having Fun: How Gamification Could Make Extremist Content More Appealing

    Do extremists like to play? A few years ago, this question may have sounded ridiculous.…

  • Jul082021

    Current and Emerging Threats by Violent Extremists: Results of the Online CENS Expert Survey

    The Centre of Excellence for National Security (CENS) designed an online expert survey, primarily to…

  • Jul022021

    ‘Hard Platforms’ vs ‘Friendly Platforms’: Understanding Jihadist Activism on the Internet

    Our understanding of how the Internet has fostered terrorist activism is conditioned by an important…

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