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  • Jul052022

    Persuading with Fantasy: Why Digital P/CVE Narrative Campaigns May Benefit from Fictional Elements 

    The narratives we are exposed to and the stories we tell ourselves and each other…

  • Jul012022

    The Buffalo Attack – Insights From the Suspected Terrorist’s Diary

    The ‘diary’ of Payton Gendron, who carried out the Buffalo attack on May 14 2022…

  • Jun282022

    Al Qaeda, Islamic State, and Targeted Online Propaganda Around India’s Domestic Political Discourse

    Some recent comments made by party functionaries of the ruling Bharaitya Janata Party (BJP) of…

  • Jun232022

    The Future is Now: The Use of 3D-Printed Guns by Extremists and Terrorists

    Over the past three years, the threat of extremists and terrorists making 3D-printed guns has…

  • Jun202022

    Nazis, Conspiracists, and the Australian Federal Election

    In April 2022, police opened fire at a car that was accelerating towards them in…

  • Jun172022

    ‘Mujahideen in the West’: Al-Qaeda’s Newest Attack-Inciting Magazine

    In February 2022, a new English-language magazine titled Mujahideen in the West (MITW) appeared on…

  • Jun152022

    Islamic State Audacity of Hope/Facebook’s Islamic State Problem 

    Islamic State material, in any form, not least its raw and explicit form, has no…

  • Jun132022

    The Rise of Narco-Terrorism in the Age of the Internet

    Narco-terrorism is a term that explains drug trafficking cartels/organised crime groups which resort to terrorism…

  • Jun102022

    The Gamification of Violent Extremism: An Empirical Exploration of the Christchurch Attack

    This Insight is based on research conducted by the author and Susann Wiedlitzka, the results…

  • Jun082022

    ‘Victims of Feminism’: Exploring Networked Misogyny and #MeToo in the Manosphere

    The creation and circulation of online misogynist narratives can have dreadful consequences. For example, in…

  • May312022

    The Great Replacement and the Far-Right Music Scene

    With this month’s far-right attack in Buffalo, there was a lot of discussion in the…

  • May302022

    Understanding Accelerationist Narratives: The Great Replacement Theory

    On 14 May 2022, an 18-year-old white male allegedly perpetrated a carefully planned mass shooting…

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