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  • Aug102022

    Inside Hindutva’s Great Replacement Conspiracy

    The recent killings of African Americans in Buffalo, New York, have once again renewed discussions…

  • Aug082022

    Al Qa’ida and Islamic State Supporter Reactions to Zawahiri’s Death

    This Insight provides a quick overview of al-Qa’ida supporter reactions to Zawahiri’s death followed by…

  • Aug032022

    Mass Shooterism and the Need for Online Interventions and Bystander Resources

    Following recent mass shootings in Buffalo, New York, Uvalde, Texas and Highland Park, Illinois, details…

  • Jul282022

    The Writing on the (Facebook) Wall: A Revised Assessment of Posting and Support for Violence by Pro-Rittenhouse Meme Creators

    The Case Kyle Rittenhouse, the recently-acquitted teen shooter of Kenosha fame, continues to be a…

  • Jul262022

    Comparing Online Posting Typologies Among Violent and Nonviolent Right-Wing Extremists

    Although many researchers, practitioners, and policymakers are concerned about identifying and characterising online posting patterns…

  • Jul202022

    White Nationalism, Stormfront, and the Extremist Politicisation of Science

    For decades, terrorists and extremists have been harnessing the affordances of media in general, and…

  • Jul182022

    Examining White Supremacist and Militant Accelerationism Trends on TikTok 

    In the wake of the racially motivated terrorist attack at a Tops supermarket in Buffalo,…

  • Jul132022

    Ideological Nihilism and Aesthetic Violence: Mass Shooters and Online Antisocial Subcultures

    The Highland Park shooter’s online footprint has seen a lot of scrutiny in the week…

  • Jul112022

    Terrorist Financing and Technology: Understanding Approaches and Anticipating Risks

    Over the last two decades, there has been considerable focus in the international community on…

  • Jul052022

    Persuading with Fantasy: Why Digital P/CVE Narrative Campaigns May Benefit from Fictional Elements 

    The narratives we are exposed to and the stories we tell ourselves and each other…

  • Jul012022

    The Buffalo Attack – Insights From the Suspected Terrorist’s Diary

    The ‘diary’ of Payton Gendron, who carried out the Buffalo attack on May 14 2022…

  • Jun282022

    Al Qaeda, Islamic State, and Targeted Online Propaganda Around India’s Domestic Political Discourse

    Some recent comments made by party functionaries of the ruling Bharaitya Janata Party (BJP) of…

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