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Interested in writing an Insight for GNET?

GNET aims to help bridge the gap between international experts studying terrorism and violent extremism and the technology sector working to counter this threat online.

To ensure Insights are action-oriented, submissions should include some analysis about potential innovative solutions and/or practical recommendations for tech companies looking to counter exploitation by terrorists and violent extremists online.

GNET seeks Insight contributions that address these focus areas:

  • Responsive to a recent real-world event or news cycle related to terrorism and/or violent extremism, highlighting online aspects of the event, threat landscapes, contexts, or considerations for tech companies related to the event.
  • Tech Stack Focused to better highlight documented exploitation of technologies or CT/CVE potentials of new technologies.
  • Horizon Scanning, highlighting a new trend or adversarial shift in the extremist or CT/CVE space and/or looking towards what new developments might mean for the future of CT/CVE work with a focus on the technology sector.

This year, we are centring our focus on the nexus between artificial intelligence and terrorism/violent extremism.

We are particularly interested in proposals addressing these specific topics:

  • Mass-produced AI-generated propaganda content by terrorists/violent extremists (TVE) (memes/images/deep fake videos)
  • TVE-created AI tools (own chatbots/LLMs)
  • AI-powered algorithms by TVEs for recruitment and radicalisation (finding sympathisers to target their messaging towards covertly)
  • Operationalisation of AI with hard tech to provide new modalities for physical attacks (drones, critical infrastructure, power grids, self-driving cars etc)
  • AI-based election disruption (deep fakes, disinformation campaigns)
  • AI to detect and remove TVE content, propaganda and activity (objects/language/visual tropes; diversify contexts and languages)
  • Break up recruitment networks (strategic network disruption)
  • Disrupt financial flows and supply chains
  • Human rights/ethical implications of AI-based P/CVE efforts (invite a wider array of stakeholders)
  • Integrating gender into AI P/CVE solutions (overcoming gender bias)
  • Use of AI tools for capacity building for smaller platforms (resources for moderation/automatic crisis response)

GNET accepts Insight proposals on a rolling basis.

If you have an idea for a 1500-2000 word Insight, complete the contact form below with a 200-word outline.

All published contributions are remunerated at £200 per Insight.

For questions regarding submissions, please email [email protected]

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