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Posts tagged with ‘Radicalisation’

  • Apr172024

    The Radicalisation of Digital Playgrounds: The Need for Multistakeholder Dialogue

    Introduction The potential nexus between gaming and radicalisation into extremism has become a hot topic for scholars, tech companies, policymakers,…

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  • Feb082024

    Grooming for Violence: Similarities Between Radicalisation and Grooming Processes in Gaming Spaces

    Rachel Kowert and Elizabeth D. Kilmer are members of the Extremism and Gaming Research Network (EGRN). The EGRN works together…

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  • Oct112023

    The Online Space as a Catalyst for Radicalisation in North Macedonia

    Introduction  This Insight draws on empirical research conducted in two localities in North Macedonia and a discourse analysis of online…

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  • Oct042023

    The New Online Radicals: The Third Generation of Online Radicalisation

    Introduction When a 13-year-old boy was caught by Estonian police in early 2020 leading a major international terrorist organisation, shockwaves…

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  • Jul242023

    Europe’s Thin Blue Line: How The Far-Right Imposes Its Ideology On The Police

    Introduction Since 2013, amidst a wave of high-profile cases of police brutality and the rise of the Black Lives Matter…

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  • Jul172023

    Beyond Fake News: Meta-Ideological Awareness (MIA) as an Antidote to Conspiracy and Radicalisation

    Introduction  Online misinformation and disinformation are widely recognised as detrimental to society, most of all due to their links with…

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  • Jun072023

    ‘RedPilled AI’: A New Weapon for Online Radicalisation on 4chan

    Introduction Recently, the world of artificial intelligence large language models (LLMs) has witnessed a surge in competition between major tech…

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  • May172023

    Inside the Cult of Stefan Molyneux: A Historical Exploration of Far-Right Radicalisation on YouTube

    Introduction On June 29, 2020, YouTube removed 25,000 channels, including several prominent white supremacist figures such as David Duke, Richard…

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  • Jan162023

    The Internet and Radicalisation Pathways: Technological Advances, Mental Health and the Role of Attackers

    Introduction In recent years, one of the primary concerns for policymakers and practitioners working in the field of counterterrorism has…

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  • Nov212022

    Extremist Action in Digital Gaming Spaces: The Role of Identity Fusion

    Radicalisation, Extremism, and Digital Games Over the last few years, the topics of extremism and radicalisation have reached the forefront…

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