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Posts tagged with ‘Radicalisation’

  • Mar122021

    The WQmen of QAnon

    Women play an important part in radical and violent extremist movements; however, since men carry out the majority of violent…

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  • Feb022021

    Singapore: The Lure of the Far-Right

    The news of the detention of a 16 year old self-radicalised Singaporean (of Protestant faith) who planned to murder Muslim…

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  • Feb012021

    Jihadists at Play

    When I began working on The Idols of ISIS: From Assyria to the Internet, I used research funds to buy…

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  • Jan182021

    Redpill the “Parler Refugees”: White Supremacist Strategies for Radicalising Trump Supporters on Telegram

    On 6 January, insurrectionists stormed the US capitol and disrupted the confirmation of election results in the House and Senate;…

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  • Jan182021

    Beyond the ‘LULZ’: Memifying Murder as ‘Meaningful’ Gamification in Far-Right Content

    Research on the relationship between video games and extremist propaganda has been increasing in the last few years in both…

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  • Dec182020

    Deradicalisation by Videoconference

    The pandemic has pushed the boundaries of what is possible (and appropriate) on videoconferencing applications. Despite strange side-effects like Zoom…

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  • Dec022020

    Of Challengers and Socialisers: How User Types Moderate the Appeal of Extremist Gamified Applications

    Recent years have seen an increase in the gamification of digital extremist content and discussions around the potential implications of…

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  • Nov062020

    Social Media and the Murder of Samuel Paty

    Could better monitoring have prevented a terror attack? If we recap the spiral of events that led to the beheading…

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  • Nov052020

    The Hate Matrix of Online Gaming

    The word that the extreme right use to describe the political radicalisation of newcomers to their worldview is “red pilling”.…

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  • Nov022020

    From ShamiWitness to QMap: The Movement of ‘One’ in Online Radicalisation

    The development of the right-wing conspiracy ecosystem known as QAnon in and around the US elections has been witnessed with…

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