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Posts tagged with ‘Radicalisation’

  • May262020

    The Internet and Lone Wolf Terrorism in India

    The term “lone wolf” attacks may lead some to assume such endeavours to be a single individual’s undertaking. However, research…

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  • May142020

    Early Warning? Opportunities And Limits Of Automated Internet Monitoring

    Policymakers have invested considerable effort and research funding to understand the role of the Internet in radicalisation processes and attack…

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  • May062020

    Remembering Toronto: Two Years Later, Incel Terrorism Threat Lingers

    Two years after Alek Minassian’s homicidal vehicular rampage through Toronto, the deadliest incel terrorist attack to date, the violent fringes…

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  • Apr282020

    Salafist Groups’ use of Social Media and its Implications for Prevention

    Researchers largely agree that radicalisation processes mostly include both real-world and virtual conditions. However, the interaction of both spheres has…

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  • Apr232020

    The Amalgamation of Virtuality and Reality in Radicalisation Processes

    Virtuality has long since become an integral part of the world we live in today. It is thus not surprising…

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  • Apr222020

    The ‘Incel’ Ideology Continues to Build a Strong Following in the Online ‘Manosphere’

    While most of the counterterrorism community has focused on the threat posed by Salafi-jihadists and radical right-wing extremists, the growth…

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  • Apr062020

    Cumulative Extremism Online: How Moral and Strategic Aims Predict Narrative Escalation

    Often when extremisms come about, they don’t occur in isolation. In the UK, for example, the emergence of extremist mobilisations…

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  • Apr032020

    “War Isn’t Hell; It’s Entertainment“: The Potential Role of Video Games in Radicalisation Processes

    The last years have demonstrated that extremists’ target audience has become progressively younger: in 2016 a 12-year-old was arrested in…

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  • Mar312020

    The Visual Culture of Far-Right Terrorism

    Since 2019, with the attacks in Christchurch, Poway, El Paso, Bærum and Halle, a new form of right-wing terrorism has…

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  • Feb172020

    Points, Rankings & Raiding the Sorcerer’s Dungeon: Top-down and Bottom-up Gamification of Radicalisation and Extremist Violence

    The research on gamification, defined as “the use of game elements in non-gaming contexts” usually aimed at facilitating a desirable…

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