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Author archive for Linda Schlegel

  • Apr172024

    The Radicalisation of Digital Playgrounds: The Need for Multistakeholder Dialogue

    Introduction The potential nexus between gaming and radicalisation into extremism has become a hot topic for scholars, tech companies, policymakers,…

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  • May012023

    Ari’s Mission: Educating Young Audiences on Conspiracy Theories Through Fictional Narratives

    Introduction Narrative campaigns against extremism and conspiracy theories are popular and widely used tools to prevent and/or counter (violent) extremism…

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  • Oct192022

    Playing Against Radicalisation: Why Extremists are Gaming and How P/CVE Can Leverage the Positive Effects of Video Games to Prevent Radicalisation

    The potential nexus between gaming and extremism is an increasingly important concern for researchers, tech companies, policymakers, and practitioners working…

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  • Jul052022

    Persuading with Fantasy: Why Digital P/CVE Narrative Campaigns May Benefit from Fictional Elements 

    The narratives we are exposed to and the stories we tell ourselves and each other have a profound impact on…

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  • Feb072022

    Creating Digital Narrative Worlds: The Promises of Transmedia Storytelling for P/CVE Narrative Campaigns

    Extremism is – at least partially – a communication challenge. The acceptance of extremist narratives, which provide followers with a…

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  • Sep152021

    Into the Dungeon? Possibilities for Primary and Secondary Prevention on Gaming (-Adjacent) Platforms

    Videogames, gaming-related content, and gaming (-adjacent) platforms are a new key area of discussion for those seeking to understand how…

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  • Sep062021

    Let’s Talk about Games, Baby: Extremist Use of Gaming (-Adjacent) Platforms

    In 2020, the EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator issued a warning that extremists are increasingly present in digital gaming spaces and in…

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  • Sep012021

    As You Like It: User Types in Digital Gamified Radicalisation Processes

    Videogames, gaming-related content, game aesthetics, gaming (-adjacent) platforms, gamification, and their potential link to digital extremist content and digitally-mediated radicalisation…

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  • Jul122021

    Competing, Connecting, Having Fun: How Gamification Could Make Extremist Content More Appealing

    Do extremists like to play? A few years ago, this question may have sounded ridiculous. But since the livestreamed attack…

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  • Mar292021

    Let’s Play Prevention: Can P/CVE Turn the Tables on Extremists’ Use of Gamification?

    In the wake of the attacks in Christchurch, El Paso and Halle, the so-called ‘gamification of terror’ has made headlines…

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