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Author archive for Daniel Siegel

  • Feb192024

    AI Jihad: Deciphering Hamas, Al-Qaeda and Islamic State’s Generative AI Digital Arsenal

    Note: This Insight is a preliminary exploration and forms part of a broader research paper currently in development. The full…

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  • Aug292023

    ‘Deepfake Doomsday’: The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Amplifying Apocalyptic Islamist Propaganda

    Introduction The advent of generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology has introduced a myriad of user-friendly tools and tactics such as…

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  • Jun072023

    ‘RedPilled AI’: A New Weapon for Online Radicalisation on 4chan

    Introduction Recently, the world of artificial intelligence large language models (LLMs) has witnessed a surge in competition between major tech…

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  • Feb172023

    Weapons of Mass Disruption: Artificial Intelligence and the Production of Extremist Propaganda

    Introduction In late 2022, OpenAI publicly released some of the most sophisticated deep-learning models – DALL-E and Chat GPT. These…

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  • Dec162022

    Generation Doomer: How Nihilism on Social Media is Creating a New Generation of Extremists

    Introduction  A report from Common Sense Media found that on average, pre-teens spend about five and a half hours in…

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