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Author archive for Joe Whittaker

  • Aug172022

    Recommendation Systems and Extremism: What Do We Know?

    One of the most persistent policy concerns of recent years is the notion that social media platforms’ recommendation systems restrict…

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  • Dec202021

    Online Radicalisation: Moving Beyond a Simple Dichotomy

    There has been considerable concern about the threat of online radicalisation from policymakers, the media, and academics. This is unsurprising…

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  • Mar012021

    Playing for Hate?

    The video game industry is the largest and fastest growing popular culture industry in the world by monetary value, yet…

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  • Jul132020

    Understanding the Online and Offline Dynamics of Terrorist Pathways

    Terrorists use the Internet. This shouldn’t surprise anybody, but it also forms the basis of an important selection bias that…

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  • Jan072020

    Radical Filter Bubbles

    This report is from Phase 1 of GIFCT’s research network initiative. Please note that during this time the network was…

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