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Posts tagged with ‘Islamic State’

  • Feb012021

    Jihadists at Play

    When I began working on The Idols of ISIS: From Assyria to the Internet, I used research funds to buy…

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  • Jan212021

    Countering the Veil of Deep Encryption

    For Australians, it is an image that will forever define the scourge of Islamist terrorism. The smiling face of Khaled…

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  • Jan152021

    Why Deplatforming the Extreme Right is a Lot More Challenging than Deplatforming IS

    In the wake of the mob violence at the US Capitol last week, Amarnath Amarasingam published a 17-part Twitter thread…

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  • Jan042021

    Easily Reproducible – The Structure of Islamic State Videos

    Islamic State (IS) was perhaps the first jihadist group to produce video formats in a (quasi-)professional fashion: especially during the…

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  • Nov232020

    American Interest in Global Jihad – A Google Trend Analysis

    Radicalisation, jihadism and terrorism-related issues were not extensively addressed during the 2020 US presidential campaign. In contrast to all previous…

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  • Nov202020

    Cyberwar on Twitter: Cyber-Vigilantes vs Islamic State

    With the multiplication of online jihadi content and terrorist attacks in the West in recent years, some users and hacktivist…

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  • Nov132020

    Baghdadi Fan Mail

    An earlier version of this Insight incorrectly mentioned Denmark in the table below, instead of Austria. This has now been…

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  • Nov112020

    Preempting the Storm: DOJ Moves to Tackle Terrorist and Criminal Use of Cryptocurrencies with Bolder International Approach

    Last month, the U.S. Department of Justice announced the publication of a Cryptocurrency Enforcement Framework penned by the Attorney General’s…

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  • Nov092020

    Extremist Experimentation with Text-Based Instant Messaging Applications

    The text-based instant messaging platform Telegram has become a chief coordinating forum for several extremist online milieus over the past…

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  • Nov032020

    Linear Relationships Between Islamic State’s Extent of Territorial Control and its Visual Messaging Campaign

    The importance of online media campaigns to non-state, militant groups is difficult to overstate and a folly to ignore. Online…

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