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Posts tagged with ‘Islamic State’

  • Oct092020

    Lessons for 2020 from the Islamic State Online Fanclub

    In 2015 one of the key problems for social media platforms was the rise of Islamic State (IS), their supporters…

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  • Sep292020

    Exposing Terror, Building Resilience: Harnessing Citizen Journalists and Social Media to Confront Terrorism

    “I can’t report”; “I don’t trust the security forces to report”; “I have reported before, but he–the terrorist–was released”; “reporting…

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  • Sep222020

    Diaries of Female Jihadists Imprisoned in Al-Hol Camp: An Analysis

    Al-Hol Camp is located in Northern Syria, and shelters close to 70,000 people; mostly women and children who previously lived…

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  • Sep102020

    Digital Resiliency and OPSEC Strategies Amongst Clandestine Networks

    In June 2020, I detailed some of the operational and digital security (OPSEC) practices of English-language far-right networks as they…

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  • Sep022020

    Islamic State’s Use of Gamification and Low-Tech Terror Tactics

    Islamic State (IS) and other violent extremist organisations continue to proliferate on online platforms despite efforts from major online platforms…

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  • Aug272020

    An Interview on Islamic State’s Media Work in 2014 – Five Questions with Medyan Dairieh Part 2

    Sitting down with Medyan Dairieh, a journalist who has personally travelled to  Islamic State in 2014, has so far been…

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  • Aug252020

    “I Will Tell You a Story About Jihad”: IS’s Propaganda and Narrative Advertising

    The question of IS’s remarkable propaganda success became a topic of major interest for many researchers in the last five…

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  • Aug242020

    Online Extremist Funding Campaigns: COVID-19 and Beyond

    On 5 August 2020 the United States District Court for the District of Columbia filed a criminal complaint for forfeiture…

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  • Aug212020

    Counterterrorism and Terrorist Innovation

    Historically, counterterrorism has largely been reactive, adopting policies and measures to respond to what violent extremists do. The purpose of…

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  • Aug202020

    Editing for the Caliphate: Assessing Islamic State’s Editing Process and Equipment

    For the past six years, Islamic State’s media has awed potential recruits and shocked their enemies. The media has been…

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