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Posts tagged with ‘Islamic State’

  • Aug192020

    Militant Group Attacks Types and Shifts in Media Campaigns

    Interviews with imprisoned and former members of Islamic State (IS) and al-Qaeda document that such group’s online media campaigns provide…

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  • Aug122020

    An Interview on Islamic State’s Media Work in 2014 – Five Questions with Medyan Dairieh Part 1

    It seemed unlikely to get in touch with Medyan Dairieh, a man who has stopped giving interviews. To add to…

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  • Aug112020

    Italy and the Vatican in Islamic State Propaganda

    In recent weeks, Islamic State (IS) targeted Italy in its official online propaganda. The jihadist organisation explicitly mentioned the country…

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  • Aug032020

    The Digital Fight Against Islamic State and Al-Qaeda

    The Digital Caliphate Despite the substantial military defeats suffered by Islamic State (IS), as well as its loss of the…

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  • Jul302020

    Telegram’s anti-IS Campaign: Effectiveness, Perspectives, and Policy Suggestions

    In November, Telegram and Europol launched a two-day coordinated campaign focused on removing Islamic State (IS) channels, groups, and pro-Islamic…

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  • Jul102020

    IS “Advisers”: How Online Jihadists Guided European Volunteers to Syria

    Recruiter or Adviser? One of the least understood elements of IS’s use of the Internet is ‘recruitment’. If much has…

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  • Jul092020

    Singapore’s Radicalised

    Singapore has according to some estimates the most diverse population on earth. The resident population of approximately 5.8 million ethnically…

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  • Jul032020

    From 4G to Languages: The Developing Online Jihadist Propaganda Network in India

    As online propaganda material specifically targeting Indian and South Asian ecosystems has been appearing more aggressively since the beginning of…

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  • Jun302020

    Islamic State Telegram Stickers: Purposes, Themes, and Narratives

    The dynamic encompassing nature of Islamic State propaganda includes a wide array of messaging ranging from official media (which includes…

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  • Jun252020

    Jihadist “Special Forces”: Training Camp Videos as an Intelligence Source

    In April 2015, the jihadist terror group Islamic State (IS) released a five-minute propaganda video claiming to showcase its elite…

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