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Posts tagged with ‘Islamic State’

  • Feb052024

    AI Caliphate: The Creation of Pro-Islamic State Propaganda Using Generative AI 

    Introduction Research continues to study how terrorist organisations exploit, or could potentially exploit, artificial intelligence (AI) for recruitment, propagandising, online…

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  • Feb012024

    Pakistan Under Threat: Why ISKP’s Online Campaign Against Pakistan is a Global Concern

    Introduction The Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) has increasingly focused on Pakistan in its online propaganda campaigns in recent months.…

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  • Jan082024

    The Islamic State’s South Asian Branches are Spearheading an Anti-China Campaign

    Introduction China’s domestic policy in Xinjiang and its expanding international influence — particularly its growing footprint in the Muslim world…

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  • Dec132023

    Exploit and Evade to Remain and Expand: The Cross-Platform Evasion Toolbox of Islamic State Supporters

    Introduction ‘News outlets’ named ‘Media Site,’ ‘World News’, and ‘Breaking News’ are the next generation of platform exploitation tactics by…

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  • Nov292023

    Gender Dynamics and Online Spaces: The Case of the Islamic State

    This Insight is part of GNET’s Gender and Online Violent Extremism series in partnership with Monash Gender, Peace and Security Centre. This series…

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  • Nov202023

    The Gangster and the Bride: The Framing of Femininity and Masculinity in News Coverage of Jihadist Terrorism

    Introduction At its height, the Islamic State (IS) posed not only imminent security challenges but also brought to light the…

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  • Oct192023

    Pro-Islamic State Supporters’ Responses to the Israel-Hamas Conflict

    Following Hamas’s 7 October 2023 terrorist attack, Israel conducted a series of airstrikes in the Gaza Strip and, according to…

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  • Jul102023

    Are Jihadists Profiting from NFTs?

    In September 2022, the Wall Street Journal published a report on our discovery of NFTs created by the Islamic State…

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  • Jun052023

    Fursan al-Tarjuma Carries the Torch of Islamic State’s Media Jihad

    Introduction In 2014,  Islamic State (IS) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi announced the establishment of the caliphate and himself as caliph.…

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  • May222023

    The State of Play: Islamic State Khorasan Province’s Anti-India Propaganda Efforts

    Introduction The Islamic State in Khorasan province (ISKP), operating in Afghanistan and Pakistan, has emerged as Islamic State’s (IS) most…

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