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Posts tagged with ‘Islamic State’

  • May222024

    ISKP and Digital Propaganda: An Escalating Anti-India Media Warfare

    Introduction Islamic State in Al-Hind province (ISHP), IS’s branch in India, has been close to operationally dormant since mid-2022, with…

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  • May092024

    AI-Powered Jihadist News Broadcasts: A New Trend In Pro-IS Propaganda Production?

    Introduction  Until now, pro-Islamic State (IS) Artificial Intelligence (AI) propaganda materials were generated and shared online by supporters of the…

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  • Apr292024

    Tech and Terror: Why Have Drones Not Penetrated the Afghanistan-Pakistan Militant Landscape? 

    Introduction The Afghanistan-Pakistan (Af-Pak) region is one of the world’s most volatile and competitive militant landscapes. The region has lost…

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  • Apr232024

    Moscow Attack: The Popularisation of Far-Right Conspiracy Theories in Mainstream Media

    Introduction In the immediate aftermath of the 22 March attack on Moscow’s Crocus City Hall, social media was replete with…

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  • Apr152024

    Unveiling Terrorist Influence: The Case of Pakistan’s 2024 General Elections

    Introduction Elections in fragile democracies are often the targets of terrorist exploitation. Notably, general elections that took place in Pakistan…

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  • Apr032024

    The Moscow Terrorist Attack: Pro-Islamic State Narratives and their Wider Implications 

    Introduction On 22 March 2024, four gunmen entered Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Russia and carried out an attack killing…

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  • Feb052024

    AI Caliphate: The Creation of Pro-Islamic State Propaganda Using Generative AI 

    Introduction Research continues to study how terrorist organisations exploit, or could potentially exploit, artificial intelligence (AI) for recruitment, propagandising, online…

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  • Feb012024

    Pakistan Under Threat: Why ISKP’s Online Campaign Against Pakistan is a Global Concern

    Introduction The Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) has increasingly focused on Pakistan in its online propaganda campaigns in recent months.…

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  • Jan082024

    The Islamic State’s South Asian Branches are Spearheading an Anti-China Campaign

    Introduction China’s domestic policy in Xinjiang and its expanding international influence — particularly its growing footprint in the Muslim world…

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  • Dec132023

    Exploit and Evade to Remain and Expand: The Cross-Platform Evasion Toolbox of Islamic State Supporters

    Introduction ‘News outlets’ named ‘Media Site,’ ‘World News’, and ‘Breaking News’ are the next generation of platform exploitation tactics by…

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