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Posts tagged with ‘Islamic State’

  • Nov302021

    Understanding the Internet Propaganda Campaign of the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham-Affiliated Ebaa News Agency

    Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), al-Qaeda’s former affiliate, constitutes one of the most prominent violent extremist organisations (VEOs) that operate in…

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  • Nov262021

    Censoring Extremism: Impact of Takedowns on Islamic State Visuals

    Non-state extremist groups like Islamic State (IS) and al-Qaeda utilise various online channels to disseminate strategic information to members, sympathisers,…

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  • Nov122021

    Remaining and Expanding or Surviving and Adapting? Extremist Platform Migration and Adaptation Strategies

    Despite the often-decentralised nature of extremists and violent extremists in online spaces, there is clear evidence that they attempt to…

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  • Sep132021

    20 Years After 9/11 – Why Islamic State’s Propaganda Hasn’t Overshadowed Al-Qaeda’s

    Last weekend marked two important dates in the history of jihadism: the 20-year anniversary of the 9/11 attack by al-Qaeda…

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  • May192021

    The Digital Transformations of Al-Qaeda and Islamic State in the Battle Against Online Propaganda

    In the face of repeated Europol-led crackdowns, and frequent flagging of content by the EU Internet Referral Unit (EU IRU),…

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  • May072021

    Online Jihadist Chants: An Access Point for Incitement of Violence

    Anasheed or jihadi chants (Anasheed Jihadiya) are forms of creative expression that serve a number of purposes including enjoyment, celebration,…

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  • Apr132021

    Communication, Military and Medical Technologies: Assets to Protect Against the Designs of Violent Extremists

    Despite the archaic dogmas and obscurantist thinking underlying it, violent extremism has shown a great appetite for modernity, especially for…

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  • Apr092021

    IS Perception of Far-Right and Far-Left Political Movements in the West

    This note depicts core elements of the jihadi thoughts on the political polarisation of western societies and induced opportunities for…

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  • Mar252021

    Hyper-Reality, Identity and Mediatisation – A Sociological Reflection on the Pro-Islamic State Online Community

    During the opening months of 2021 several pro-Islamic State unofficial media outlets have produced and shared a vast amount of…

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  • Mar232021

    No Child’s Play: IS Propaganda Videos and the Recruitment of Children

    Imagine the horror of seeing a child in a video executing an individual. Islamic State (IS) raised the brutality of…

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