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Author archive for Moustafa Ayad

  • Dec132023

    Exploit and Evade to Remain and Expand: The Cross-Platform Evasion Toolbox of Islamic State Supporters

    Introduction ‘News outlets’ named ‘Media Site,’ ‘World News’, and ‘Breaking News’ are the next generation of platform exploitation tactics by…

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  • Nov182022

    Islamic State Supporters on Twitter: How is ‘New’ Twitter Handling an Old Problem? 

    The ‘Impersonation’ Insurgency  Elon Musk has launched a war on “impersonation.” While most of those in his sights are parodying…

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  • Sep272022

    Resurrecting the Reich: Middle Eastern and North African Digital Nazi Communities 

    In 1926, the first Nazi Party cell was set up in Alexandria, Egypt. It would soon be followed by one…

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  • Mar092020

    Pilgrimage to the Platform: The Repeat Audience for ‘Muslim News’

    ‘Baqiyya’ The audience of the Islamic State-affiliated Muslim News platform is in the parlance of the group — “baqiyya,” or…

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  • Feb202020

    Hiding in Plain Site: Islamic State’s ‘Muslim News’

    Salafi-jihadist groups like al-Qaeda and Islamic State thrive in ungoverned spaces. Mali is no exception. And neither is its domain…

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