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Author archive for Miron Lakomy

  • Dec152023

    Artificial Intelligence as a Terrorism Enabler? Understanding the Potential Impact of Chatbots and Image Generators on Online Terrorist Activities

    Introduction The launch of ChatGPT and Midjourney in 2022 marked a significant breakthrough in artificial intelligence (AI) development. Due to…

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  • May092023

    Understanding the Trauma-Related Effects of Terrorist Propaganda on Researchers

    The Executive Summary is also available in French, German, Arabic, Indonesian and Japanese. Researchers who study online terrorism and political violence face a broad spectrum…

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  • Apr192023

    The Return of the Virtual ‘Caliphate’? Mapping the Evolution of the Islamic State’s Information Ecosystem

    Introduction The Islamic State’s (IS) shock and awe campaign launched at the turn of 2014 proved to be one of…

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  • May172022

    Why Do Online Countering Violent Extremism Strategies Not Work? The Case of Digital Jihad

    Islamic State’s (IS) propaganda campaign in 2014-2015 marked a turning point in the history of digital jihad. The quality and…

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  • Nov302021

    Understanding the Internet Propaganda Campaign of the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham-Affiliated Ebaa News Agency

    Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), al-Qaeda’s former affiliate, constitutes one of the most prominent violent extremist organisations (VEOs) that operate in…

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  • May252021

    Mapping the Turkestan Islamic Party’s Online Propaganda Networks

    The Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP) is considered the most prominent Salafi-jihadist terrorist organisation that originates from China. While it aims…

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