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Posts tagged with ‘Algorithm’

  • Mar042024

    ‘Why Not Bring Weapons to School?’: How TikTok’s Algorithms Contribute to a Culture of Violence in Brazilian Schools

    Content warning: This Insight contains language describing graphic violence Until 2002, there was no record of violent attacks in Brazilian…

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  • Jan302023

    More Than Just Pretty Pictures: A Comparison of Australian and Canadian Far-Right Extremist ‘Reaction’ Usage on Facebook 

    Introduction In recent years, a significant amount of research has paid attention to the widespread use of social media among…

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  • Jan252023

    Political Outrage Machines: Exploring the Algorithms Structuring Conspiracy TikTok

    The short-form streaming audio-video app TikTok has become near-synonymous with controversy—in no small part because of the spread of conspiratorial…

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  • Oct312022

    Extremists are Seeping Back into the Mainstream: Algorithmic Detection and Evasion Tactics on Social Media Platforms

    As ISIS established its caliphate in 2014, its supporters flooded mainstream social media platforms to share propaganda, plan attacks, and…

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  • Sep212022

    The Role of User Agency in the Algorithmic Amplification of Terrorist and Violent Extremist Content

    There is an increasing focus by governments and certain concerned civil society initiatives that algorithms might be amplifying terrorist and…

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  • Aug172022

    Recommendation Systems and Extremism: What Do We Know?

    One of the most persistent policy concerns of recent years is the notion that social media platforms’ recommendation systems restrict…

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  • Oct142021

    Algorithms, the Search for Transcendence and Online Radicalisation

    Research on online radicalisation and recruitment has become increasingly sophisticated, with scholars looking at the processes, pathways, and triggers that…

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  • Nov302020

    Exploring the Link Between Uncertainty, Ahistoricism and Algorithms

    We are living in a time of extreme uncertainty. Nothing seems real because any fact is contestable. There are several…

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  • Nov252020

    Upvoting Extremism: Collective Identity Formation and the Extreme Right on Reddit

    Researchers who have explored right-wing extremists’ use of the Internet have typically focused their attention on dedicated hate sites and…

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  • Nov202020

    Cyberwar on Twitter: Cyber-Vigilantes vs Islamic State

    With the multiplication of online jihadi content and terrorist attacks in the West in recent years, some users and hacktivist…

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