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Author archive for Isaac Kfir

  • Oct262021

    Thinking About the Crime-Terror Nexus in the COVID-19 era

    Research indicates that the end of the Cold War gave rise to the crime-terror nexus as states ended their support…

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  • Oct142021

    Algorithms, the Search for Transcendence and Online Radicalisation

    Research on online radicalisation and recruitment has become increasingly sophisticated, with scholars looking at the processes, pathways, and triggers that…

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  • Apr272021

    The Nexus Between Political Distrust and Online Extremism

    We are living at a time when trust in established politicians and political institutions is at an all-time low, a…

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  • Mar242021

    Venture Capitalism, Extremism and Accountability

    Attempts to limit the dissemination of extreme digital speech have taken many forms as seen with Germany’s Network Enforcement Act…

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  • Nov302020

    Exploring the Link Between Uncertainty, Ahistoricism and Algorithms

    We are living in a time of extreme uncertainty. Nothing seems real because any fact is contestable. There are several…

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  • Aug212020

    Counterterrorism and Terrorist Innovation

    Historically, counterterrorism has largely been reactive, adopting policies and measures to respond to what violent extremists do. The purpose of…

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  • Jun172020

    Between Creativity, Innovation and Terrorism Studies Part I

    Interest in creativity and innovation stems from a common assumption that these are positive forces, helping to usher in progress,…

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