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GNET Research Digest – July 2022

GNET Research Digest – July 2022
2nd August 2022 GNET Team
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Welcome to the July edition of the Global Network on Extremism and Technology (GNET) research digest.

Your digest contains a selection of relevant news, research, academic journal articles, and GNET Insights relating to terrorist use of technology.

GNET Report

Veilleux-Lepage, Yannick; Daymon, Chelsea; and Emil Archambault (7 June 2022). “Learning from Foes: How Racially and Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists Embrace and Mimic Islamic State’s Use of Emerging Technologies.”

Academic Papers

Fransisco, Manuel et al. (21 July 2022). “A semi-supervised algorithm for detecting extremism propaganda diffusion on social media”. Pragmatics and Society.

Scrivens, Ryan et al. (11 July 2022). “Comparing Online Posting Typologies among Violent and Nonviolent Right-Wing Extremists”. Studies in Conflict & Terrorism.

Ophir, Yotam et al. (27 June 2022). “Weaponizing reproductive rights: a mixed-method analysis of White nationalists’ discussion of abortions online.” Information, Communication & Society.

Stall, Hampton et al. (22 June 2022). “Kyle Rittenhouse and the Shared Meme Networks of the Armed American Far-Right: An Analysis of the Content Creation Formula, right-wing Injection of Politics, and Normalization of Violence”. Terrorism and Political Violence.

Pruden, Meredith et al. (20 June 2022). “Birds of a Feather: A Comparative Analysis of White Supremacist and Violent Male Supremacist Discourses”. in Right-Wing Extremism in Canada and the United States. Palgrave Hate Studies.

O’Brien, Mark (16 June 2022). “The Coming of the Storm: Moral Panics, Social Media and regulation in the QAnon Era”. Information & Communications Technology Law.

News Articles

Nabert, Alexander, Christina Brause, Bryan Bender & Nick Robins-Early (27 July 2022). “DEATH WEAPONS: Inside a Teenage Terrorist Network”. POLITICO.

Tapper, James & Mark Townsend (24 July 2022). “Children could be radicalised over summer break, Met police warn parents”. The Guardian.

Kidwai, Saman (14 July 2022). “The ideological and non-ideological underpinnings of violent extremism: An American study”. Modern Diplomacy.

Kotsonis, Stefano & Meghna Chakrabarti (11 July 2022). “Online extremism and the digital footprint of mass shooters”. WBUR.

Lowell, Hugo (11 July 2022). “January 6 hearing to focus on Trump’s tweet to extremist group”. The Guardian.

Tenbarge, Kat (8 July 2022). “Violent but vague: Videos like those linked to Highland Park shooting suspect lost in firehose of YouTube content”. NBC.

Yousef, Odette (6 July 2022). “Why the Highland Park suspect represents a different kind of violent extremism” . NPR.

Duffy, Clare (29 June 2022). The newest content moderation minefield for tech platforms: abortion posts CNN.

Allam, Hannah (28 June 2022). “In the mostly White world of extremism research, new voices emerge” . Washington Post.

Gabbatt, Adam (27 June 2022). “QAnon’s ‘Q’ re-emerges on far-right message board after two years of silence”. The Guardian.


Stall, Hampton & Hari Prasad (28 July 2022). The Writing on the (Facebook) Wall: A Revised Assessment of Posting and Support for Violence by Pro-Rittenhouse Meme Creators

Scrivens, Ryan, Garth Davies, Tiana Gaudette & Richard Frank (26 July 2022). Comparing Online Posting Typologies Among Violent and Nonviolent Right-Wing Extremists

Ophir, Yotam, Ayse Lokmanoglu, Dror Walter & Meredith L. Pruden (20 July 2022). White Nationalism, Stormfront and the Politicisation of Science

Richards, Abbie (18 July 2022). “Examining White Supremacist and Militant Accelerationism Trends on TikTok”

Purdue, Simon (13 July 2022). “Ideological Nihilism and Aesthetic Violence: Mass Shooters and Online Antisocial Subcultures”

Davis, Jessica (11 July 2022). “Terrorist Financing and Technology: Understanding Approaches and Anticipating Risks”

Schlegel, Linda (5 July 2022). “Persuading with Fantasy: Why Digital P/CVE Narrative Campaigns May Benefit from Fictional Elements”

Bindner, Laurence & Raphael Gluck (1 July 2022). “The Buffalo Attack – Insights From the Suspected Terrorist’s Diary”

Taneja, Kabir (28 June 2022). “Al Qaeda, Islamic State, and Targeted Online Propaganda Around India’s Domestic Political Discourse”

Gill, Gerard (20 June 2022). “Nazis, Conspiracists, and the Australian Federal Election”