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Posts tagged with ‘QAnon’

  • Feb262024

    ‘Stand Against the Wiles of the Devil’: Interpreting QAnon as a Pseudo-Christian Extremist Movement

    Introduction Since the emergence of QAnon as a conspiracy theory in 2017, some self-proclaimed QAnon adherents have committed violent extremist…

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  • Sep152023

    QAnon, Political Radicalisation and January 6th: A Gendered Perspective

    Introduction By now, many have heard of QAnon, an online phenomenon that originated in late October of 2017, when the…

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  • Aug072023

    Online Cultic Milieus: QAnon and Anti-Vax Conspiracy Movements

    This series of Insights draws on the GNET report by Inform: ‘Cults and Online Violent Extremism’. Inform are an independent…

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  • Jan182023

    The Reichsbürger Coup: How the German COVID-19 Denier Scene and Anti-Lockdown Movement Became a Breeding Ground for Terrorism

    Introduction  In the early hours of 7 December 2022, the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office in Germany (der Generalbundesanwalt) arrested twenty-four…

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  • Aug192022

    How QAnon is Dealing With The FBI Raid on Trump

    When the FBI executed their search warrant on Mar-A-Lago on August 8th, QAnon was all over the news. Their first…

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  • Jun202022

    Nazis, Conspiracists, and the Australian Federal Election

    In April 2022, police opened fire at a car that was accelerating towards them in the middle of Paris, killing…

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  • Mar072022

    Far-Right Responses to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

    After weeks of relative uncertainty, Russian President Vladimir Putin officially ordered an invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022, displacing…

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  • Feb242022

    Communication Technologies, Conspiracies, and Disinformation in Latin America: COVID-19 and Beyond

    The topic of Spanish-language misinformation and disinformation has received increasing attention in recent years, with a special focus on the…

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  • Jan062022

    QAnon and Beyond: Analysing QAnon Trends a Year After January 6th

    For some, the electoral loss of Donald Trump and the disappearance of the figure known as “Q” was marking the…

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  • Oct202021

    The Persistence of QAnon on Mainstream Social Media

    QAnon is a far-right conspiracy theory and cultic social movement that needs little introduction. Just some of the harms it…

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