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Author archive for Dr. Gerard Gill

  • Jul212023

    Extremist Violence Against the Trans and LGBTQI+ Community in Australia: A Review of Recent Events

    Introduction Members of the LGBTQI+ community have long been targeted by far-right actors. However, across the last 12 months, violence…

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  • May232023

    Online Incitement and Small-Scale Terrorism: Violent Rhetoric from the Freedom Movement on Facebook

    Introduction Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) Director-General Mike Burgess recently warned that the next terrorist attack in Australia is likely…

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  • Jan312023

    Millenarianism in Australia’s ‘Freedom Movement’

    Introduction In December 2022, a six-hour siege in Wieambilla, Queensland, ended with six people dead. Police had attended a property…

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  • Dec192022

    Tracing the Evolution of Far-Right Movement Framing in Australia

    Introduction This Insight uses current and archived online content and social movement framing theory to trace the ideological progression of…

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  • Jun202022

    Nazis, Conspiracists, and the Australian Federal Election

    In April 2022, police opened fire at a car that was accelerating towards them in the middle of Paris, killing…

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  • Nov252021

    COVID-19 Conspiricism and the Four Ds of Stochastic Terrorism

    In the past weeks, Australian counter-terrorism officials have arrested and charged a man who encouraged anti-lockdown protesters to bring firearms…

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  • Oct202021

    The Persistence of QAnon on Mainstream Social Media

    QAnon is a far-right conspiracy theory and cultic social movement that needs little introduction. Just some of the harms it…

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  • Sep272021

    Using Text Analysis to Visualise a Neo-Nazi Leadership Change

    By 2019 and 2020, an upsurge of far-right populism that had grown from the earlier Reclaim Australia rallies was seemingly…

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  • Sep082021

    Conspiracism, Extremism and the Battle Over Sacred Values

    On 24 July 2021 in Australia, against the backdrop of a city and state sinking further into crisis, a rally…

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