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Posts tagged with ‘Policy’

  • Mar222021

    Cyber-Enabled Extremism in Australia

    While still a relatively young and geographically isolated nation state, Australia is no stranger to extremism. Over time, since the…

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  • Feb082021

    Understanding Canada’s Recent Ban of Far-Right Extremist Groups

    On 3 February, the Canadian government added four far-right extremist groups to their list of proscribed terrorist entities. Some of…

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  • Feb042021

    The Comeback of Unconstitutional Provisions Against Online Hatred in France: Second Attempt to Circumvent Judicial Review to Block Websites

    Since the early 2010s, and even more so since the Paris attacks of 2015, France has taken a prominent role…

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  • Jan192021

    Big Data and Counter-Terrorism: Uses and Boundaries

    This blog post is a concept note for a T.M.C Asser Institute/ICCT workshop on uses of big data in the…

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  • Jan122021

    Intersection of Social Media, Foreign Policy and Extreme Narratives: An Example from India

    In 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world and states struggled to contain the economic fallout of shutting…

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  • Dec102020

    Paved With Good Intentions: How the EU Legislative Process has Placed Internet Voluntary Counter Extremism Near the Edge of the Legal Wilderness

    The modest progress towards the modernisation and replacement of the current EU ePrivacy Directive has led to an uncomfortable legislative…

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  • Dec082020

    The Sudden Rise of Indian Tech Platforms: Are they Prepared for the Challenge of Online Extremism?

    The recent political crisis between India and China precipitated by the clashes on the disputed border between the two states…

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  • Dec042020

    Cyber Surveillance Technology, Unchecked – Can the Global Export Control Regime be a Stabiliser?

    The proliferation and abuse of cyber surveillance technology is a global policy problem. Such a global problem requires a set…

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  • Nov182020

    Offline Meets Online: A Fused Messaging Ecosystem in Response to Violent Extremism in Mindanao

    Conflict in Mindanao is rooted in both socioeconomic factors and identity politics. At present, the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim…

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  • Nov162020

    Online Terrorist Content: Is it Time for an Independent Regulator?

    In April 2019, the U.K. Government published its Online Harms white paper. This proposed the creation of a new independent…

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