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Author archive for Jon Deedman

  • Nov232023

    Meaningful Transparency for CVE: Process not Policy

    Introduction Work aiming to counter violent extremism (CVE) must be based upon deference to the rule of law, the importance…

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  • Aug302023

    For the AI Generation, We Need Education as Much as Regulation

    Introduction In the field of responsible tech, contemporary digital technologies such as large language models (LLMs) are rapidly becoming a…

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  • May032023

    The Internet Consortium for Online Safety: How Collaborative Tech, Not Legislation, Could Prevent Harmful Content Proliferation

    Introduction Countering violent extremism (CVE) in a digital context sees practitioners grappling with the enterprise of removing terrorist and violent…

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  • Aug312022

    The Time for e-Democracy is Now: How a Digitally Functional Democracy Could Prevent Extremist Accelerationism

    Online hate communities view ongoing democratic backsliding as supportive of their accelerationist cause. Tech companies and governments must therefore seize…

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