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Author archive for Dr. Eviane Leidig

  • Oct102022

    The Emerging Raw Food Movement and the ‘Great Reset’

    Introduction  Food has become an increasingly visible topic across far-right digital subcultures as well as the broader right-wing online ecosystem.…

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  • Jun212021

    Far-Right in the Global South: Adapting and Applying Tech Policies Locally

    In the run-up to the 2020 US presidential election, Facebook prepared for the potential spreading of disinformation and election-related violence…

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  • Feb172021

    Odysee: The New YouTube for the Far-Right

    The emergence of the newest platform favoured by far-right actors has received surprisingly little attention in the midst of ongoing…

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  • Nov262020

    Now Streaming: “Love Jihad” on Netflix

    Until now, Netflix was a tech company that did not have to address issues related to extremism on its platform.…

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  • Apr152020

    “#CoronaJihad”: How the Far-Right in India is Responding to the Pandemic

    A number of far-right extremists have recently taken to social media platforms to spread conspiratorial content about COVID-19. Such conspiracy…

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  • Feb242020

    Far-Right Terrorism is Global, but Coverage is Not: Hindu Nationalist Violence in India

    Last week brought news of a tragic event in Germany with a right-wing terrorist attack in the city of Hanau.…

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