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Author archive for Dr. Amarnath Amarasingam

  • Nov172023

    Hindutva Disinformation Machine: How India is Using the Israel-Palestine War to Spur Anti-Muslim Sentiment at Home

    Introduction Amidst the flood of unverified and misleading claims on the Israel-Palestine war, India has emerged as an unlikely leading…

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  • May312022

    The Great Replacement and the Far-Right Music Scene

    With this month’s far-right attack in Buffalo, there was a lot of discussion in the popular media and amongst policymakers…

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  • Mar052021

    Turning the Tap Off: The Impacts of Social Media Shutdown After Sri Lanka’s Easter Attacks

    This blog post is a summary of key findings from research published by the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism as part of…

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  • Feb082021

    Understanding Canada’s Recent Ban of Far-Right Extremist Groups

    On 3 February, the Canadian government added four far-right extremist groups to their list of proscribed terrorist entities. Some of…

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  • Apr082020

    The COVID Conspiracy Files

    The world is now four months into the COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant infodemic. Though efforts have been made to…

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