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Posts tagged with ‘Jihadist Material’

  • Aug232023

    White Jihad: The Jihadification of White Supremacy

    Content Warning: this Insight contains images of neo-Nazi propaganda Introduction In a recent article for Terrorism and Political Violence, ‘White…

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  • Apr042023

    Terrorist Bots: How Islamic State has Automated Management of its Online Community on Telegram

    Abdullah Alrhmoun, Charlie Winter and János Kertész Introduction It’s well known that terrorists have been using the internet to plan…

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  • Mar012023

    Rebranding the East Asia Knights: A Reflection of Dawlah Islamiyah’s Effort to Learn

    What is the East Asia Wilayah? On 8 January 2023, the main Southeast Asian Islamic State media channel, the East…

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  • Feb082023

    From Atari to Allahu Akbar: Comparing White Supremacist and Jihadist Uses of Gamified Extremism

    Firas Mahmoud is a research fellow of the Extremism and Gaming Research Network (EGRN). EGRN brings together world-leading counter-extremism organisations…

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  • Aug252022

    Humour in Jihadi Rhetoric: A Comparative Analysis of ISIS, Al-Qaeda, TTP, and the Taliban

    Humour in Jihadi magazines plays a significant role in the formation of collective identity and “creates a sense of internal…

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  • May172022

    Why Do Online Countering Violent Extremism Strategies Not Work? The Case of Digital Jihad

    Islamic State’s (IS) propaganda campaign in 2014-2015 marked a turning point in the history of digital jihad. The quality and…

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  • Jul022021

    ‘Hard Platforms’ vs ‘Friendly Platforms’: Understanding Jihadist Activism on the Internet

    Our understanding of how the Internet has fostered terrorist activism is conditioned by an important bias that affects the robustness…

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  • Jun302021

    The Jihadist of Rambouillet’s Facebook Account

    On 23 April 2021, Tunisia-born Jamel Gorchene murdered civil servant Stéphanie Monfermé at the police station in Rambouillet, 45 kilometers…

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  • Jun172021

    Affirmations of Support and Rituals of Jihadi Martyrdoms

    When a big named jihadi leader dies, there is usually a cacophony of statements released eulogising the individual that was…

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  • Mar192020

    How Ansar al-Sharia in Tunisia’s Message Framing Primed Its Members To Become Recruits For The Islamic State

    There are a number of reasons why Tunisians joined the Islamic State in Iraq, Syria, and Libya. One underappreciated aspect…

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