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Posts tagged with ‘Gaming’

  • Apr192021

    Bridging the Gap Between Counterterrorism Research and Practice Through Game-Based Learning

    Much journalistic and academic attention has been focused on understanding the role that games and gamification plays within extremist groups.…

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  • Dec022020

    Of Challengers and Socialisers: How User Types Moderate the Appeal of Extremist Gamified Applications

    Recent years have seen an increase in the gamification of digital extremist content and discussions around the potential implications of…

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  • Nov052020

    The Hate Matrix of Online Gaming

    The word that the extreme right use to describe the political radicalisation of newcomers to their worldview is “red pilling”.…

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  • Sep172020

    No Child’s Play: The Identitarian Movement’s ‘Patriotic’ Video Game

    On 15 September, the German-speaking branch of the Identitarian Movement (Identitäre Bewegung; IB) released its first video game: A classic…

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  • Apr032020

    “War Isn’t Hell; It’s Entertainment“: The Potential Role of Video Games in Radicalisation Processes

    The last years have demonstrated that extremists’ target audience has become progressively younger: in 2016 a 12-year-old was arrested in…

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