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Posts tagged with ‘Gaming’

  • May032022

    Videogames, Twitter and Far-Right Extremism: An Analysis of Twitter Hashtag Networks

    Many social network theories emphasise the importance of network properties. Strong networks with many interlocking and reinforcing connections are essential…

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  • Mar092022

    Understanding the Game: Bridging Research Gaps at the Nexus of Gaming and Extremism

    Preventing and countering violent extremism practitioners are increasingly concerned about pathways to radicalisation, including those leading to violent extremism, present…

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  • Feb172022

    Understanding Attitudes to Extremism in Gaming Communities

    In our previous GNET Insight we looked at how quantitative measures can help us understand the prevalence of extreme language…

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  • Jan202022

    Exploring Extreme Language in Gaming Communities

    There is ongoing speculation that extremism might be prevalent in video game communities, or that these communities are especially vulnerable…

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  • Nov162021

    Video Games, Extremism and Terrorism: A Literature Survey

    Video games are extremely popular, with a market worth over $175 billion per year and at least 3 billion players…

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  • Sep152021

    Into the Dungeon? Possibilities for Primary and Secondary Prevention on Gaming (-Adjacent) Platforms

    Videogames, gaming-related content, and gaming (-adjacent) platforms are a new key area of discussion for those seeking to understand how…

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  • Sep062021

    Let’s Talk about Games, Baby: Extremist Use of Gaming (-Adjacent) Platforms

    In 2020, the EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator issued a warning that extremists are increasingly present in digital gaming spaces and in…

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  • Sep012021

    As You Like It: User Types in Digital Gamified Radicalisation Processes

    Videogames, gaming-related content, game aesthetics, gaming (-adjacent) platforms, gamification, and their potential link to digital extremist content and digitally-mediated radicalisation…

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  • Jul122021

    Competing, Connecting, Having Fun: How Gamification Could Make Extremist Content More Appealing

    Do extremists like to play? A few years ago, this question may have sounded ridiculous. But since the livestreamed attack…

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  • Jun282021

    A Survey of Violent Extremist and Terrorist Activities Across the Gaming Environment

    The relationship between video games and large-scale violence has been questioned since the 1999 shooting at Columbine High School. In…

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