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Posts tagged with ‘Gamification’

  • Jun012023

    First-Person Propaganda, First-Person Shooters, and Gamification: A Different View 

    Introduction In the 1990s, debates raged about whether first-person shooter (FPS) games could cause violence. Following the 1999 Columbine shooting,…

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  • May312023

    Accelerationism Meets Gamification: A Look at the Convergence in the Framing of Online Narratives

    Petra Regeni is a member of the Extremism and Gaming Research Network (EGRN). EGRN brings together world-leading counter-extremism organisations to develop insights…

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  • Jun102022

    The Gamification of Violent Extremism: An Empirical Exploration of the Christchurch Attack

    This Insight is based on research conducted by the author and Susann Wiedlitzka, the results of which are extensively discussed…

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  • Sep012021

    As You Like It: User Types in Digital Gamified Radicalisation Processes

    Videogames, gaming-related content, game aesthetics, gaming (-adjacent) platforms, gamification, and their potential link to digital extremist content and digitally-mediated radicalisation…

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  • Jul122021

    Competing, Connecting, Having Fun: How Gamification Could Make Extremist Content More Appealing

    Do extremists like to play? A few years ago, this question may have sounded ridiculous. But since the livestreamed attack…

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  • Mar292021

    Let’s Play Prevention: Can P/CVE Turn the Tables on Extremists’ Use of Gamification?

    In the wake of the attacks in Christchurch, El Paso and Halle, the so-called ‘gamification of terror’ has made headlines…

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  • Mar012021

    Playing for Hate?

    The video game industry is the largest and fastest growing popular culture industry in the world by monetary value, yet…

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  • Jan182021

    Beyond the ‘LULZ’: Memifying Murder as ‘Meaningful’ Gamification in Far-Right Content

    Research on the relationship between video games and extremist propaganda has been increasing in the last few years in both…

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  • Dec022020

    Of Challengers and Socialisers: How User Types Moderate the Appeal of Extremist Gamified Applications

    Recent years have seen an increase in the gamification of digital extremist content and discussions around the potential implications of…

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  • Sep022020

    Islamic State’s Use of Gamification and Low-Tech Terror Tactics

    Islamic State (IS) and other violent extremist organisations continue to proliferate on online platforms despite efforts from major online platforms…

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