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GNET Research Digest – September 2021

GNET Research Digest – September 2021
27th September 2021 GNET Team
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Welcome to the September edition of the Global Network on Extremism and Technology (GNET) research digest.

Your digest contains a selection of relevant news, research, academic journal articles, and GNET Insights relating to terrorist use of technology.

Academic Papers

Carthy, Sarah and Sarma, Kiran (2 September 2021). “Countering Terrorist Narratives: Assessing the Efficacy and Mechanisms of Change in Counter-Narrative Strategies.” Terrorism and Political Violence.

Schindler, Hans-Jakob (19 September 2021). “Emerging Challenges for Combating the Financing of Terrorism in the European Union: Financing of Violent Right-Wing Extremism and Misuse of New Technologies.” Global Affairs.

Schmuck, Desirée et al. (21 September 2021). “Social Media Use and Political Cynicism Among German Youth: The Role of Information-Orientation Exposure to Extremist Content, and Online Media Literacy.” Journal of Children and Media.

Askanius, Tina and Keller, Nadine (8 September 2021). “Murder Fantasies in Memes: Fascist Aesthetics of Death Threats and the Banalization of White Supremacist Violence.” Information, Communication & Society.

Conrad De Bruyn, Phillip (31 August 2021). “Differentiating Terrorist Groups: A Novel Approach to Leverage Their Online Communication.” Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism.

News Articles

Burford, Rachael (7 September 2021). “Extremist Jailed for Sharing Material Encouraging Violent Jihad and Glorifying Terrorism.” The Evening Standard.

Dearden, Lizzie (3 September 2021). “Teenage Neo-Nazi Convicted of Planning UK Terror Attacks.” The Independent.

Prothero, Mitchell (13 September 2021). “Neo-Nazi and KKK Fanboy Built Pipe Bombs With Uranium From eBay.” Vice.

Hunter, Fergus (13 September 2021). “Alleged Right-Wing Extremist Charged Over Blueprint to 3D-Print a Gun.” The Sydney Morning Herald.

Bostock, Bill (22 September 2021). “A Major Far-Right Platform Got Hit by a Data Breach, Revealing the Names and Addresses of Proud Boys, QAnon and Texas Right to Life Backers.” Business Insider.

Culliford, Elizabeth and Potkin, Fanny (17 September 2021). “Exclusive: Facebook Targets Harmful Real Networks, Using Playbook Against Fakes.” Reuters.

Thalen, Mikael (16 September 2021). “‘Worst I’ve Seen in 20 Years’: How the Epik Hack Reveals Every Secret the Far-Right Tried to Hide.” Daily Dot.

Woodruff Swan, Betsy and Scott, Mark (16 September 2021). “DHS: Extremists Used TikTok to Promote Jan.6 Violence.” Politico.

Miller, Carl and Silva, Shiroma (23 September 2021). “Extremists Using Video-Game Chats to Spread Hate.” BBC.

Shahin, Saif (9 September 2021). “How Social Media – Aided by Bots – Amplifies Islamophobia Online.” The Conversation.


Allchorn, William (23 September 2021). “From Direct Action to Terrorism: Canadian Radical Right Narratives and Counter-Narratives at a Time of Volatility.”

Davies, Garth et al. (21 September 2021). “The Potential Effects of COVID-19 on Radicalisation to Violent Extremism.”

Molas, Barbara (17 September 2021). “Reddit’s Hosting Service and the Dangers of Outlinking.”

Schlegel, Linda (15 September 2021). “Into the Dungeon? Possibilities for Primary and Secondary Prevention on Gaming (-Adjacent) Platforms.”

Bogle, Ariel (14 September 2021). “Far-Right Fundraising on Telegram.”

Bindner, Laurence and Gluck, Raphael (13 September 2021). “20 Years After 9/11- Why Islamic State’s Propaganda Hasn’t Overshadowed Al-Qaeda’s.”

Bouko, Catherine (9 September 2021). “How Salafi-Jihadists Circumvent Facebook’s Community Standards With Mythical and Eudaimonic Content.”

Gill, Gerard (8 September 2021). “Conspiracism, Extremism and the Battle Over Sacred Values.”

Schlegel, Linda (6 September 2021). “Let’s Talk About Games, Baby: Extremist Use of Gaming (-Adjacent) Platforms.”

Storyful (3 September 2021). “Fashwave: Extremist Audio Formats Present Complex Challenges.”

Kriner, Matthew et al. (2 September 2021). “Understanding Accelerationist Narratives: ‘There Is No Political Solution’.”

Schlegel, Linda (1 September 2021). “As You Like It: User Types in Digital Gamified Radicalisation Processes.”

Criezis, Meili and Hughes, Brian (31 August 2021). “Erstwhile Allies and Community Convergence: A Preliminary Study of Online Interactions Between Salafi-Jihadists and White Supremacists.”

White, Kesa (31 August 2021). “One-Stop-Shop for Recruitment and Dating: Extremists’ Exploitation of Dating Platforms.”