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GNET Research Digest – January 2021

GNET Research Digest – January 2021
29th January 2021 GNET Team
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Welcome to the January edition of the Global Network on Extremism and Technology (GNET) research digest.

Your digest contains a selection of relevant news, research, academic journal articles, and GNET Insights relating to terrorist use of technology.

GNET Report

Sold, Manjana and Junk, Julian (11 January 2021). “Researching Extremist Content on Social Media Platforms: Data Protection and Research Ethics Challenges and Opportunities.”

Academic Papers

Criezis, Meili (25 December 2020). “‘Many Sisters Wish They Were Men’: Gendered Discourse and Themes in Pro-ISIS Online Communities.” Journal for Deradicalization.

Mehran, Weeda et al. (11 January 2021). “Deep Analysis of Taliban Videos: Differential Use of Multimodal, Visual and Sonic Forms Across Strategic Themes.” Studies in Conflict & Terrorism.

Robinson, Nick and Whittaker, Joe (11 January 2021). “Playing for Hate? Extremism, Terrorism, and Videogames.” Studies in Conflict & Terrorism.

Baele, Stephane et al. (30 December 2020). “Uncovering the Far-Right Online Ecosystem: An Analytical Framework and Research Agenda.” Studies in Conflict & Terrorism.

News Articles

McGowan, Michael (28 January 2021). “Singapore Teenager Inspired by Christchurch Massacre Arrested for Allegedly Planning Attack on Mosques, Authorities Say.” The Guardian.

Bradley, Matt and Abbas, Mo (18 January 2021). “Is Deplatforming Extremists Effective or Dangerous? Experts Weight In.” NBC News.

Makuch, Ben and Lamoureux, Mack (6 January 2021). “Neo-Nazi Accelerationists Celebrating Attack on Congress As Start of Civil War.” Vice.

BBC (10 January 2021). “Parler: Amazon to Remove Site From Web Hosting Service.”

Cecco, Leyland (11 January 2021). “Canada Considers Adding Proud Boys to Terrorist List Alongside ISIS and al-Qaida.” The Guardian.

Statt, Nick (26 January 2021). “Twitter is Opening up its Full Tweet Archive to Academic Researchers for Free.” The Verge.

Wilson, Jason (13 January 2021). “Rightwingers Flock to ‘Alt Tech’ Networks as Mainstream Sites ban Trump.” The Guardian.

Lapierre, Matthew (13 January 2021). “Montreal Data Centre Dumps U.S. Anti-Government Group’s Website.” Montreal Gazette.

McLaughlin, Kelly (23 January 2021). “5 People Died in the Capitol Insurrection. Experts Say it Could Have Been so Much Worse.” Business Insider.

Brewster, Thomas (19 January 2021). “Facebook Confirms It’s Preserving Account Data Related to Capitol Hill Riot Investigations.” Forbes.


Abdul Rahman, Muhammad Faizal (28 January 2021). “3D-Printed Gun Laws: Girding for the Future of Terrorism.”

Criezis, Meili and Galloway, Brad (27 January 2021). “From MAGA to the Fringe: What Was Happening Online Before the 6 January Insurrection and What Can We Do Now?”

Richards, Peita (26 January 2021). “Researching the Far-Right in a World on Pause: An Overview of Secondary, Public and Archival Data Sources.”

Galloway, Brad (26 January 2021). “Turner Diaries: Defining a Movement .”

Lewis, Jonathan and Clifford, Bennett (25 January 2021). “”Take Nothing But Pictures, Leave Nothing But (Digital) Footprints”: Social Media Evidence From the US Capitol Siege Perpetrators.”

Henshaw, Alexis (22 January 2021). “Extremism in the Manosphere During the Presidential Transition.”

McSwiney, Jordan et al. (21 January 2021). “Alt-Tech and Online Organising After the Capitol Riots.”

Falk, Rachael (21 January 2021). “Countering the Veil of Deep Encryption.”

Milton, Daniel and Alexander, Audrey (20 January 2021). “The Impact of the Capitol Attacks on Extremist Operational Security.”

Loadenthal, Michael (19 January 2021). “Anti-5G, Infrastructure Sabotage, and COVID-19.”

Mignot-Mahdavi, Rebecca (19 January 2021). “Big Data and Counter-Terrorism: Uses and Boundaries.”

Criezis, Meili (18 January 2021). “Redpill the “Parler Refugees”: White Supremacist Strategies for Radicalising Trump Supporters on Telegram.”

Mattheis, Ashley (18 January 2021). “Beyond the “LULZ:” Memifying Murder as ‘Meaningful’ Gamification in Far-Right Content.”

Conway, Maura (15 January 2021). “Why Deplatforming the Extreme Right is a Lot More Challenging than Deplatforming IS.”

Winkler, Carol (15 January 2021). “Attack Dates as Terrorist Messaging.”

Argentino, Marc-André and Raja, Adnan (13 January 2021). “Ashli Babbitt: A Far-Right Martyr of the Insurrection.”

Taneja, Kabir (12 January 2021). “Intersection of Social Media, Foreign Policy and Extreme Narratives: An Example from India.”

Graham, Timothy (11 January 2021). “From #ArsonEmergency to #DanLiedPeopleDied: How Extremist Messaging Co-Opts Emergency Events on the Australian Twittersphere.”

Lewis, Jonathan (7 January 2021). “3D-Printed Guns, Untraceable Firearms, and Domestic Violent Extremist Actors.”

Wegener, Friederike (6 January 2021). “Eco-Fascism: More Than Tree-Loving Terrorists.”

Beese, Yorck (4 January 2021). “Easily Reproducible- The Structure of Islamic State Videos.”