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Posts tagged with ‘Russia/Ukraine’

  • Apr232024

    Moscow Attack: The Popularisation of Far-Right Conspiracy Theories in Mainstream Media

    Introduction In the immediate aftermath of the 22 March attack on Moscow’s Crocus City Hall, social media was replete with…

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  • Apr032024

    The Moscow Terrorist Attack: Pro-Islamic State Narratives and their Wider Implications 

    Introduction On 22 March 2024, four gunmen entered Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Russia and carried out an attack killing…

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  • Aug142023

    A Move from Nazism to Nationalism: Changes in Far-Right Online Discourse Post-Ukraine Conflict

    Introduction Following the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia, online discourse by far-right groups in Eastern European regions has altered.…

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  • Apr032023

    ‘Telegram is King’: Extremist Foreign Fighters in the Russo-Ukrainian war

    In January 2023, Meta removed the Azov Regiment from its list of dangerous individuals and organisations. The Ukrainian regiment became…

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  • Apr142022

    How the European Far Right is Using Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine to Radicalise its Audience

    Current events provide key opportunities for right-wing extremist (RWE) groups to attract new members and radicalise those already within their…

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  • Apr072022

    Zelenskyy, ‘Denazification’ and the Redirection of Holocaust Victimhood

    As with many global crises, the online far-right is attempting to frame Russia’s invasion of Ukraine through their existing worldview.…

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  • Mar212022

    Why Some Far-Right Circles are Contributing to Vladimir Putin’s Disinformation Campaign

    A few weeks ago, one of the main Brazilian far-right platforms responsible for producing documentaries, promoting books, organising events, and…

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  • Mar072022

    Far-Right Responses to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

    After weeks of relative uncertainty, Russian President Vladimir Putin officially ordered an invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022, displacing…

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  • Mar022022

    Islamic State Supporters Keeping Tabs on Ukraine

    Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, extremist milieus online focused their attention on news of the war. White supremacist, far…

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  • Jan312020

    The Ukrainian Conflict: Foreign Volunteers and Online Identity Formation

    Despite its local context, the conflict in Ukraine has attracted large numbers of foreign volunteers with estimates from 2014-2019 of…

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