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Posts tagged with ‘Capitol Hill’

  • Jan062023

    Shifts in Domestic Extremist Movement Rhetoric, Two Years After the Capitol Siege 

    Much has been written about the Capitol riot on January 6 2021, but its aftereffects on a burgeoning domestic violent…

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  • Aug132021

    Insurrection Snapshot: Emerging Narrative Themes Following the January 6 Storming of the US Capitol

    Although individuals on the far right, fascists, and white supremacists had a prior presence on Telegram, the aftermath of the…

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  • Jun142021

    The Darker Side of Social: QAnon Instagram Comments Before the Capitol Riots

    In the days and weeks following the US Capitol riots of 6 January 2021, journalists acknowledged the preparations made by…

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  • May282021

    The Boogaloo Movement, Coded Communication and the Need for Context-Based Moderation

    From the political fringes to the front pages, the Boogaloo Boys were thrust into the national spotlight last year. But…

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  • May062021

    “I will never forget this for as long as I live”: Social Learning at the Capitol Hill Siege

    “Today was indeed a historical day for sure. I will never forget this for as long as I live… I’m…

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  • Mar032021

    Selfie and Siege: Women’s Social Media Footprint and the US Capitol Hill Siege

    As of 25 February 2021, over 250 federal cases have been brought against individuals for their alleged involvement in the…

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  • Jan272021

    From MAGA to the Fringe: What Was Happening Online Before the 6 January Insurrection and What Can We Do Now?

    The last four to five years have seen a higher visibility surrounding the “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) pro-Trump movement…

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  • Jan262021

    Researching the Far-Right in a World on Pause: An Overview of Secondary, Public and Archival Data Sources

    In the immediate aftermath of the 6 January attacks on the United States Capitol Building, in Washington D.C., it seemed…

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  • Jan252021

    “Take Nothing But Pictures, Leave Nothing But (Digital) Footprints”: Social Media Evidence From the US Capitol Siege Perpetrators

    As the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice continue their investigations into the alleged insurrectionists at the US…

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  • Jan222021

    Extremism in the Manosphere During the Presidential Transition

    In recent months, the use of technology and social media to advance conspiracies and far-right ideologies has been the subject…

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