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Author archive for Jonathan Lewis

  • Apr272023

    The Lineage of Violence: Saints Culture and Militant Accelerationist Terrorism 

    In the aftermath of the March 2019 Christchurch attack in New Zealand, shooter Brenton Tarrant was quickly ‘sainted’ by militant accelerationist…

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  • May302022

    Understanding Accelerationist Narratives: The Great Replacement Theory

    On 14 May 2022, an 18-year-old white male allegedly perpetrated a carefully planned mass shooting targeting Black Americans. He opened…

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  • Nov182021

    Understanding Accelerationist Narratives: The Boogaloo

    “You wanna create f***ing some instability while the Virginia situation is happening, make other things happen. Derail some rail lines…

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  • Apr062021

    Male Supremacism, Borderline Content, and Gaps in Existing Moderation Efforts

    Leaders of Google, Facebook and Twitter testified once again in front of the US House of Representatives in a hearing…

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  • Jan252021

    “Take Nothing But Pictures, Leave Nothing But (Digital) Footprints”: Social Media Evidence From the US Capitol Siege Perpetrators

    As the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice continue their investigations into the alleged insurrectionists at the US…

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  • Jan072021

    3D-Printed Guns, Untraceable Firearms, and Domestic Violent Extremist Actors

    While uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic continues to fuel a massive increase in domestic gun sales, a supporter of the…

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  • Sep042020

    Balancing Online Content Moderation and the Rule of Law

    Heated debates have continued to spring up around the world focusing on the growing role of technology companies in moderating…

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  • Aug052020

    Facebook’s Disruption of the Boogaloo Network

    On 30 June 2020, Facebook announced it was designating “a violent US-based anti-government network as a dangerous organization” and subsequently…

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