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Author archive for Hampton Stall

  • Jul282022

    The Writing on the (Facebook) Wall: A Revised Assessment of Posting and Support for Violence by Pro-Rittenhouse Meme Creators

    The Case Kyle Rittenhouse, the recently-acquitted teen shooter of Kenosha fame, continues to be a cultural and political lightning rod…

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  • Apr052022

    From Orange to Red: An Assessment of the Dark MAGA Trend in Far-Right Online Spaces

    The Online Far-Right The far-right online goes through aesthetic and organisational shifts in waves. From Woods & Hahner’s Make America…

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  • Dec132021

    Can the Right Meme? (And How?): A Comparative Analysis of Three Online Reactionary Meme Subcultures

    The Executive Summary and Overview is also available in French, German, Arabic, Indonesian and Japanese. Please read on for the…

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  • Oct292020

    What’s in a Meme? The Rise of “Saint Kyle”

    The media has been captured the past two weeks with the news of the FBI and Michigan police pressing charges…

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