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GNET Research Digest – April 2022

GNET Research Digest – April 2022
24th June 2022 GNET Team
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Welcome to the April edition of the Global Network on Extremism and Technology (GNET) research digest.

Your digest contains a selection of relevant news, research, academic journal articles, and GNET Insights relating to terrorist use of technology.

GNET Report

Mustaffa, Munira (19 April 2022). “Radical Right Activities in Nusantara’s Digital Landscape: A Snapshot.”

Academic Papers

Torres-Soriano, Manuel (13 April 2022). “The Role of Honeypots and Sabotage in State-Based Operations Against Online Jihadism, 2001-2020.” Terrorism and Political Violence.

Alexander, Susan et al. (19 April 2022). “Disseminating White Male Nationalist Discourses via YouTube: An Analysis of White Power Music Lyrics.” Sociological Focus.

Kenyon, Jonathan et al. (24 April 2022). “Understanding the Role of the Internet in the Process of Radicalisation: An Analysis of Convicted Extremists in England and Wales.” Studies in Conflict & Terrorism.

Sharify-Funk, Meena and Dickson, William Rory (18 April 2022). “Introduction: Special Issue on Contemporary Muslim Identity and Thought.” Religions.

Venkitakrishnan, Rani Parvathy (9 April 2022). “Fearful to Fearless: Design of ICT Based Learning Tools to Combat Extremism, Terrorism and Violence.” New Realities, Mobile Systems and Applications.

News Articles

Milmo, Dan (23 April 2022). “EU Agrees Rules to Force Big Tech to Rein in Illegal Content or Face Huge Fines.” The Guardian.

Weale, Sally (18 April 2022). “Children Coming Across Far-Right Material When Researching, Teachers Say.” The Guardian.

Dodds, Io (7 April 2022). “A Time Bomb ‘Supercharged’ by The Pandemic: How White Nationalists Are Using Gaming to Recruit For Terror.” The Independent.

Carless, Will and Guynn, Jessica (25 April 2022). “Will Free Speech Mean More Hate Speech on Twitter Under Elon Musk?” USA Today.

Stokel-Walker, Chris (27 April 2022). “Right-Wing Trolls Are Trying to Break Back Into Twitter.” Wired.

Reilly, Ryan (26 April 2022). “Women Put ‘Friendly Face’ on Jan. 6 Attack, Extremism Research Argues in New Study.” NBC.

Sawkins, Isabel (27 April 2022). “Children Researching the Holocaust Are as Likely to Find Denial as Genuine History.” The Jewish Chronicle.

Harley, Nicky (1 April 2022). “UK Terrorism Watchdog Vows to Tackle Child Terrorists Amid Rising Figures.” The National.

Oremus, Will (25 March 2022). “Social Media Wasn’t Ready For This War. It Needs a Plan For The Next One.” The Washington Post.

Thompson, Elizabeth (26 April 2022). “Anti-Hate Group Calls for Regulator to Police Social Media Platforms.” CBC.


Ravecca, Paulo (25 April 2022). “‘Gender Ideology’ and the Intersectional Politics of the Far-Right in Latin America.”

O, Dani (21 April 2022). “The Protocols of Antisemitism: Cross Ideological Fixation on “Jewish power”.”

Burchett, Claire and Barth, James (14 April 2022). “How the European Far Right is Using Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine to Radicalise its Audience.”

Liyanage, Chamila (12 April 2022). “The Taliban’s Trajectory in Securing Geographic, Electronic, and Geopolitical Sanctuaries.”

Rose, Hannah (7 April 2022). “Zelenskyy, ‘Denazification’ and the Redirection of Holocaust Victimhood.”

Stall, Hampton and Grober, Daniel (5 April 2022). “From Orange to Red: An Assessment of the Dark MAGA Trend in Far-Right Online Spaces.”