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  • Jan062023

    Shifts in Domestic Extremist Movement Rhetoric, Two Years After the Capitol Siege 

    Much has been written about the Capitol riot on January 6 2021, but its aftereffects on a burgeoning domestic violent…

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  • May062021

    “I will never forget this for as long as I live”: Social Learning at the Capitol Hill Siege

    “Today was indeed a historical day for sure. I will never forget this for as long as I live… I’m…

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  • Apr292021

    QAnon Women in Politics Part Two: QAnon Careers

    Over the last year, the QAnon conspiracy has cemented itself as part of the furniture of the American political landscape,…

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  • Apr282021

    QAnon Women in Politics Part One: The QAnon Candidates

    Content warning: discussion of rape and sexual violence statistics and child abuse. The 2020 United States election marked QAnon’s formal…

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  • Apr062021

    Male Supremacism, Borderline Content, and Gaps in Existing Moderation Efforts

    Leaders of Google, Facebook and Twitter testified once again in front of the US House of Representatives in a hearing…

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  • Mar192021

    The Issue Isn’t Incels. It’s Racist Misogyny.

    On 16 March 2021, NBC News reporter Kimmy Yam published a piece that summarised the research done by the organisation…

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  • Mar182021

    Rhetoric of Hate: A Case Study in Anti-East Asian Bigotry

    On 16 March 2021, a man carried out a series of shootings at three massage parlours in Atlanta, Georgia which…

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  • Mar032021

    Selfie and Siege: Women’s Social Media Footprint and the US Capitol Hill Siege

    As of 25 February 2021, over 250 federal cases have been brought against individuals for their alleged involvement in the…

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  • Jan252021

    “Take Nothing But Pictures, Leave Nothing But (Digital) Footprints”: Social Media Evidence From the US Capitol Siege Perpetrators

    As the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice continue their investigations into the alleged insurrectionists at the US…

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  • Jan212021

    Alt-Tech and Online Organising After the Capitol Riots

    Since the deadly riots at the US Capitol on 6 January, social media platforms associated with the ‘Alt-Tech’ or ‘alternative…

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