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Author archive for Bàrbara Molas

  • Jul032023

    Falling Through the Cracks: Gender Bias in Online Counter-Terrorism and Prevention

    Introduction In Orientalism (1978), the book that shaped post-colonial studies, Edward Said tried to understand how and why colonised countries…

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  • Mar272023

    ‘Tomatoes for Tanks’: Humour and Violence in Post-Brexit Meme Culture

    In 2022, the humanitarian organisation World Vision published a report warning about the spread of anti-refugee messaging, in particular as…

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  • Mar142022

    “Victims of the Holocaust”: The ‘Freedom Convoy’ Subreddits as Spaces for Antisemitism and Far-Right Radicalisation

    In its 2021 TE-SAT report, Europol explained that since the beginning of the pandemic “right-wing extremists exploited COVID-19 to support…

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  • Sep302021

    “He Looks Like a Clown”: Why is the Far-Right Mocking Fascists on Reddit?

    For years now, researchers of the far-right have been pointing at the online use of satire, irony, and humour by…

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  • Sep172021

    Reddit’s Hosting Service and the Dangers of Outlinking

    A key element in facilitating radicalisation processes leading to violent extremism, online hate speech has been considered among the most…

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