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Posts tagged with ‘Twitter’

  • May202024

    Two Paths, Same Destination: Analysing White Nationalist X Accounts Amid the War in Gaza

    Introduction On 7 October 2023, Islamist militant group Hamas launched a terror attack on southern Israel, killing about 1,200 and…

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  • Nov182022

    Islamic State Supporters on Twitter: How is ‘New’ Twitter Handling an Old Problem? 

    The ‘Impersonation’ Insurgency  Elon Musk has launched a war on “impersonation.” While most of those in his sights are parodying…

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  • Oct122022

    The Taliban’s Use of Twitter as a Tool to Spread their Voice

    Introduction According to the principle of realism described by Noam Chomsky in his book Propaganda and the Public Mind, those…

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  • Jan212021

    Countering the Veil of Deep Encryption

    For Australians, it is an image that will forever define the scourge of Islamist terrorism. The smiling face of Khaled…

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  • Jan112021

    From #ArsonEmergency to #DanLiedPeopleDied: How Extremist Messaging Co-Opts Emergency Events on the Australian Twittersphere

    Australia experienced two major emergency events in 2020, starting off with the summer bushfires, followed shortly after by the coronavirus…

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  • Nov202020

    Cyberwar on Twitter: Cyber-Vigilantes vs Islamic State

    With the multiplication of online jihadi content and terrorist attacks in the West in recent years, some users and hacktivist…

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  • Nov062020

    Social Media and the Murder of Samuel Paty

    Could better monitoring have prevented a terror attack? If we recap the spiral of events that led to the beheading…

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  • Nov022020

    From ShamiWitness to QMap: The Movement of ‘One’ in Online Radicalisation

    The development of the right-wing conspiracy ecosystem known as QAnon in and around the US elections has been witnessed with…

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  • Oct292020

    What’s in a Meme? The Rise of “Saint Kyle”

    The media has been captured the past two weeks with the news of the FBI and Michigan police pressing charges…

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  • Oct092020

    Lessons for 2020 from the Islamic State Online Fanclub

    In 2015 one of the key problems for social media platforms was the rise of Islamic State (IS), their supporters…

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