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Posts tagged with ‘Recruitment’

  • Apr192023

    The Return of the Virtual ‘Caliphate’? Mapping the Evolution of the Islamic State’s Information Ecosystem

    Introduction The Islamic State’s (IS) shock and awe campaign launched at the turn of 2014 proved to be one of…

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  • Jan102022

    Youth-on-Youth Extreme-Right Recruitment on Mainstream Social Media Platforms

    In recent months there has been a concerning number of kids and teenagers arrested for extreme-right-related terrorism offences across Western…

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  • Jul082021

    Current and Emerging Threats by Violent Extremists: Results of the Online CENS Expert Survey

    The Centre of Excellence for National Security (CENS) designed an online expert survey, primarily to assess the pandemic’s impact on…

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  • May202021

    Violent Extremism: The Ghost or the Machine?

    The Australian parliament’s Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security is currently holding an inquiry into extremist movements and radicalism in Australia. It…

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  • Mar262021

    Radicalisation and Recruitment Online in Times of COVID-19: The Pandemic as a Propaganda Opportunity

    The jihadist doctrine is an ideological corpus built up by extremist theorists to give their destabilising aims a legal and…

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  • Dec092020

    Praising Jihadist Attacks on TikTok and the Challenge of Protecting Youths From Online Extremism

    On 26 November 2020, a Pakistani imam from a small town north of Paris was sentenced to 18 months in…

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  • Oct212020

    Revisiting the Ecosystem of Islamic State’s ‘Virtual Caliphate’

    The current ‘post-caliphate’ era of Islamic State (IS) has been widely discussed in recent years, following the organisation’s loss of…

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  • Oct142020

    Online White Supremacy: Looking for a Place to Spread Hate in the Age of Multiple Communication Platforms

    Introduction A study by the Anti-Defamation League, which was published in early 2020, has found that American right-wing extremists were…

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  • Sep142020

    An Insider Perspective: What the Internet Means to UK Jihadists

    September 2016, just hours before I was due to interview the radical Islamist leader Anjem Choudary, I received a text.…

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  • Sep082020

    Indian States, Deradicalisation and Online Platforms

    Like many other countries, India has embarked on systemic deradicalisation programs over the past few years as part of its…

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