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Posts tagged with ‘Online extremism’

  • Jan262024

    Data Collection in Online Terrorism and Extremism Research: Future Directions

    Introduction The role of the Internet in facilitating violent extremism and terrorism is a primary concern for many researchers, practitioners,…

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  • Jan152024

    Kenya’s Twin Burden: Balancing the Security of Tech Infrastructure Against its Role in Online Extremism

    Introduction While terrorists commonly exploit online platforms for radicalisation, planning, fundraising, organising, and even executing attacks, a puzzling emerging trend…

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  • Dec112023

    Can’t Stand the Heat?: Best Practices and Institutional Responsibilities to Safeguard Extremism Researchers

    Introduction In May 2023, the Global Network on Extremism and Technology (GNET) hosted its Third Annual Conference at King’s College…

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  • Oct112023

    The Online Space as a Catalyst for Radicalisation in North Macedonia

    Introduction  This Insight draws on empirical research conducted in two localities in North Macedonia and a discourse analysis of online…

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  • Sep202023

    An Evolving Threat Landscape: Composite Violent Extremism and Prevention Efforts

    Introduction A year before William Atchison carried out the 2017 Aztec High School shooting in New Mexico, killing two people…

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  • Sep042023

    Conspiracy Theories, Extremism and Violence: Why and When do Conspiracy Beliefs Lead to Violence?

    Across this Insights miniseries, ISD experts explore the complex intersection of conspiracy theories, violence and extremism. In the first article…

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  • Sep012023

    Social Control, Terrorist Content and the Online Safety Bill

    *Please note: The provisions of the Online Safety Bill are correct as of 27 July 2023, and are subject to…

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  • Aug242023

    ‘Salad Bar Extremism’ as White Distraction: The (In)coherence of a Category

    Introduction In 2018, the United Kingdom renamed its ‘unspecified’ category for extremism referrals to ‘mixed, unclear, or unstable ideologies’ (MUU…

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  • Aug182023

    Discrepancies Between Social Media Policy and User Experience: A Preliminary Study of Extremist Content

    Introduction Latest reports have highlighted that as of April 2023, 60% of the world’s population utilises social media for an…

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  • Aug112023

    Cults and Online Violent Extremism: Individual Risk Assessments 

    This series of Insights draws on the GNET report by Inform: ‘Cults and Online Violent Extremism’. Inform are an independent…

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