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Author archive for Jakob Guhl

  • Sep042023

    Conspiracy Theories, Extremism and Violence: Why and When do Conspiracy Beliefs Lead to Violence?

    Across this Insights miniseries, ISD experts explore the complex intersection of conspiracy theories, violence and extremism. In the first article…

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  • May092023

    Christgram: White Christian Extremism on Telegram

    This Insight focuses on white Christian extremist communities on Telegram, which have been growing in the context of a renewed…

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  • Mar242021

    Two Years On: Understanding the Resonance of the Christchurch Attack on Imageboard Sites

    15 March 2021 marked two years since the Christchurch terrorist attack in New Zealand, where 51 Muslims were killed by…

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  • Dec172020

    ‘Crisis and a Loss of Control’ – Digital Extremism in German-Speaking Countries During the COVID-19 Crisis

    COVID-19 and the Extremist Hijacking of Anti-Lockdown Protests The COVID-19 pandemic has led to drastic changes to our lives and…

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