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Posts tagged with ‘Far-Right’

  • Sep272023

    Milk Parties and Soyjaks: Understanding The Alt-Right’s Metapolitical Appropriation of Milk

    Introduction  The imagery and symbolism associated with milk – from fertility and motherhood to purity and strength – have long…

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  • Sep132023

    Authoritarian Platforms: Far-right Radicalisation Amidst Economic Precarity in Brazil

    Introduction When I started my fieldwork in an informal street market in Brazil, I was greeted with the statement ‘Welcome…

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  • Aug212023

    Examining Support for the 2023 Brazilian Coup Attempt: Gender Stereotypes and Occupational Trends in a Radicalised Digital Ecosystem

    Introduction On 8 January 2023, Brazil witnessed the most threatening coup attempt in its recent democratic history. Inspired by the…

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  • Jul282023

    Schrödinger’s Joke: The Weaponisation of Irony and Humour in the Alt-Right 

    Introduction The use of online memes is a cultural stamp of the alt-right community; the packaging of political ideology into…

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  • Jul242023

    Europe’s Thin Blue Line: How The Far-Right Imposes Its Ideology On The Police

    Introduction Since 2013, amidst a wave of high-profile cases of police brutality and the rise of the Black Lives Matter…

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  • Jul212023

    Extremist Violence Against the Trans and LGBTQI+ Community in Australia: A Review of Recent Events

    Introduction Members of the LGBTQI+ community have long been targeted by far-right actors. However, across the last 12 months, violence…

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  • Jul192023

    The ‘Critical’ and the ‘Sheep’: How Users of Far-Right Pages on Social Media See Themselves and the Mainstream

    This Insight summarises some of the findings presented in the article “Far-right virtual communities: Exploring users and uses of far-right…

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  • Jul072023

    Tradwives: The Housewives Commodifying Right-Wing Ideology

    Introduction Gaining prominence since 2020, Tradwives are an influential online community of right-wing women who espouse a highly traditional heteronormative…

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  • Jun282023

    Understanding Fashwave: The Alt-Right’s Ever-Evolving Media Strategy

    Introduction While far-right extremists have a history of attempting to co-opt musical genres and spaces (including punk rock and heavy…

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  • Jun162023

    ‘Arktos 2.0’:  Deplatforming and Digital Innovation in Far-Right Publishing 

    Introduction Founded in 2009, Artkos has since emerged as one of the leading English-language publishers of Eurasian, identitarian, and New…

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