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Author archive for Jonathan Suseno Sarwono

  • May282024

    Tracing Austronesian Supremacy Rhetoric on Social Media: Its Impact on the Fate of Rohingya Refugees

    Introduction The Rohingya refugee crisis, which has been ongoing since 2017, has once again attracted international attention. While the conflict…

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  • Dec182023

    Hezbollah’s Online Battleground: Military Media Unit’s Narratives on Telegram 

    Introduction Since 7 October, war has been raging in the Gaza Strip, as Hamas and Israel fight each other in…

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  • Nov082023

    ‘Yup, Another Far-right Classic’: The Propagation of Far-right Content on TikTok in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines

    Introduction Since its launch in 2017, TikTok’s user base has grown significantly from 347.1 million to 1.7 billion in 2022.…

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