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Posts tagged with ‘Elections’

  • Jun202022

    Nazis, Conspiracists, and the Australian Federal Election

    In April 2022, police opened fire at a car that was accelerating towards them in the middle of Paris, killing…

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  • Apr292021

    QAnon Women in Politics Part Two: QAnon Careers

    Over the last year, the QAnon conspiracy has cemented itself as part of the furniture of the American political landscape,…

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  • Apr282021

    QAnon Women in Politics Part One: The QAnon Candidates

    Content warning: discussion of rape and sexual violence statistics and child abuse. The 2020 United States election marked QAnon’s formal…

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  • Nov232020

    American Interest in Global Jihad – A Google Trend Analysis

    Radicalisation, jihadism and terrorism-related issues were not extensively addressed during the 2020 US presidential campaign. In contrast to all previous…

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  • Nov022020

    From ShamiWitness to QMap: The Movement of ‘One’ in Online Radicalisation

    The development of the right-wing conspiracy ecosystem known as QAnon in and around the US elections has been witnessed with…

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