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Posts tagged with ‘Christian Extremism’

  • Mar112024

    ‘Doing What God Designed Men To Do’: Red Pilled Christians’ Quest for Patriarchy, According to Scripture

    Introduction The Red Pill philosophy is the foundation for many online, misogynist, male-only groups, colloquially known as the manosphere. The…

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  • Feb262024

    ‘Stand Against the Wiles of the Devil’: Interpreting QAnon as a Pseudo-Christian Extremist Movement

    Introduction Since the emergence of QAnon as a conspiracy theory in 2017, some self-proclaimed QAnon adherents have committed violent extremist…

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  • Sep112023

    Why We Should Care about Christian Identity Ideology and its Links to Antisemitic Mobilisation 

    Introduction  In 2022, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) reported that antisemitic incidents in the United States – including assault, vandalism, and…

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  • Jun262023

    Moms for Liberty: The Use of Facebook to Spread Far-Right Propaganda and Change Public School Curriculum

    Who Are Moms for Liberty? Over the past two years, numerous American headlines have referenced a new, so-called ‘parental rights’…

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  • May122023

    Analysing Harmful and Supremacist Narratives on Gab Homeschooling Groups

    Introduction In January 2023, VICE news reported on a Telegram channel dedicated to sharing white supremacist homeschooling curricula with other…

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  • May102023

    The Revitalisation of Christian Identity Content on YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok 

    Introduction The last five years have witnessed the revitalisation of the Christian Identity (CI) movement in the modern extremist landscape.…

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  • May092023

    Christgram: White Christian Extremism on Telegram

    This Insight focuses on white Christian extremist communities on Telegram, which have been growing in the context of a renewed…

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