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Posts tagged with ‘Latin America’

  • Mar062024

    The Ultimate Game: What We Learned from Mobilising Gamers During Brazil’s Elections

    Mari Ribeiro and Court Williams are members of the Extremism and Gaming Research Network (EGRN). The EGRN works together to…

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  • Mar042024

    ‘Why Not Bring Weapons to School?’: How TikTok’s Algorithms Contribute to a Culture of Violence in Brazilian Schools

    Content warning: This Insight contains language describing graphic violence Until 2002, there was no record of violent attacks in Brazilian…

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  • Sep132023

    Authoritarian Platforms: Far-right Radicalisation Amidst Economic Precarity in Brazil

    Introduction When I started my fieldwork in an informal street market in Brazil, I was greeted with the statement ‘Welcome…

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  • Aug212023

    Examining Support for the 2023 Brazilian Coup Attempt: Gender Stereotypes and Occupational Trends in a Radicalised Digital Ecosystem

    Introduction On 8 January 2023, Brazil witnessed the most threatening coup attempt in its recent democratic history. Inspired by the…

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  • Jan232023

    The Brazilian Far-Right and the Path to January 8th

    Introduction On 8 January 2023, the Brazilian extreme right achieved international prominence. In Brasilia, the national capital, thousands of people…

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