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Posts tagged with ‘Australia’

  • Jul302021

    Safety vs Security: An Asymmetrical Opportunity for RWE in Australia

    In 1922 German political theorist Carl Schmitt wrote a seminal essay arguing that sovereignty is defined by the power to…

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  • May202021

    Violent Extremism: The Ghost or the Machine?

    The Australian parliament’s Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security is currently holding an inquiry into extremist movements and radicalism in Australia. It…

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  • Mar302021

    Alternative Platforms and Alternative Recommendation Systems: A Case of the Australian Sovereign Citizen Movement on Telegram

    The sovereign citizen movement is a collection of individuals and groups who reject the legitimacy of the state and hold…

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  • Mar222021

    Cyber-Enabled Extremism in Australia

    While still a relatively young and geographically isolated nation state, Australia is no stranger to extremism. Over time, since the…

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  • Feb102021

    China and the Australian Far-Right

    Since the start of the pandemic, China and the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have become a key rallying point…

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  • Jan112021

    From #ArsonEmergency to #DanLiedPeopleDied: How Extremist Messaging Co-Opts Emergency Events on the Australian Twittersphere

    Australia experienced two major emergency events in 2020, starting off with the summer bushfires, followed shortly after by the coronavirus…

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  • Oct072020

    A Comparison of Australian and Canadian Right-Wing Extremist Facebook Group Pages

    It’s well known that social media platforms play a significant role in facilitating right-wing extremist support networks and propagating extremist…

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  • Sep242020

    Increased Visibility of Far-Right Movements in Australia During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Australia, once touted as a model for a considered and sustainable approach to COVID-19 is now in an interesting position…

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